#TheRealness | 4 Reasons Why I Colour and Why You Should Too!

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To each and everyone of you who reads this post. Please know that I’m with you and I know you’re going through something because let’s just face it. Life is one hell of a roller coaster and if you’re not careful, you will fall off.

The past few weeks have been extremely challenging. …

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#Beauty | 2 Cheap and Cheerful Perfume Must Haves

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Hey guys, I’m back with a new post and boy has it been hard to draft it. Life and all its happenings have well and truly got me and if I be completely honest, one thing after another has stripped away my passion for writing, blogging and creating in general. I know, it happens to …

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#TheRealness | It’s OK to SLUMP…. Sometimes

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Okay, what’s just happened? I had the most amazing and productive Easter break which was really needed because I had been waking up at 5:30am every morning to exercise then get ready for work for 8:30am then returning home or to the office to work on the ‘passion’. With only 4 hours sleep each day, …

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#Beauty | The £2 Primer That You Need To Get Your Hands On!

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Hey my lovelies, I’ve been spending a little time really organising this site so I can be completely clear what I have it for. Yes I love writing; but I have IN-SPIRE for that and that site really allows me to let my creative juices flow in every direction. However, I wanted to …

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#TheRealness | 5 Ways To Feel Happier When You’re NOT

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So here’s the thing. Even if you do feel like you’re on track or whether everyone around you feels you have your ish together. It doesn’t mean you feel a’ok every single day. I do believe there does exist a group of people within this world who are happy and satisfied more times than they’re …

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