#MyLookMyWay | Showing Strength In H&M

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2015 was the worst year of my life. A number of decisions; not well thought out and more down to impulse than anything changed my life forever. In one swipe my health had deteriorated and I faced the biggest battle going forward of getting my body to feeling some form of normality. I made the …

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#MyLookMyWay | Rocking Independent Brands & The Power of Self-Evaluation

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What did you do this Bank Holiday weekend? If you’re based in London or the UK; did you venture down to Notting Hill Carnival or did you have to work? Did you choose to have a quiet one and visit the park or spend time lounging in your garden? For once, the weather was summer …

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#Video | Back At It…. No Harm In Trying Again Right?

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If at first, second, fifth or one hundred times, dust your self off and try again. That is clearly the theme with me and YouTube!

The truth is with In-spire LS moving forward in a major way and things becoming increasingly obvious that I need to get more visual and keep up with …

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#Beauty | Proactive Skin Purifying Mask

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a beauty post but you will be seeing a whole load more of them because I’m currently going through a major skin crisis!

I have always been known by friends and family alike to have a great skin and I’m often found showing off my skin …

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#PlacesToEat | Cabana @ 02

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You know when you walk past a place numerous times with the intention of going inside but never quite make it inside. That is the story of my life to be fair but after meeting up with a friend and both feeling a little peckish; we ventured inside.

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