#MyLookMyWay| Rule Britannia

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The KSK boutique launches tomorrow so it felt like a good idea to get another key look up. It’s quite evident that I love Fendora hats; this one in particular from H&M goes with everything and completely rounds up this look. I love black but I also really like wearing bold and bright colours.

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#MyLookMyWay| Angel In Disguise

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The shade white and I don’t often get on. I put on white and that’s it;  hours later I’m like a child with crayons, covered in mess. The truth is, I do love white on my skin tone. Especially when the sun has hit me and i’m that more browner. Summer has been pretty much …

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#MyLookMyWay| Rock Chick

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This look is everything. It’s not a forced style but one that is intrinsically my own and one that I am comfortable with. My mother taught me to dress to suit my personality and I have a personality that takes several diverse forms. I tend to dress to suit my mood and for this shoot …

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#PlacesToEat| Proper Burgers @ Byron

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Anyone who knows me well recognises that my favourite place in London in Greenwich. I’m obviously biased as I attended university around that area. But, saying that I honestly love everything about the place from the people, to the markets, the beautiful Greenwich Park and other buildings as well as the diverse clothing stores and …

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#MyLookMyWay| Golden Girl

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I love blogging my outfits each day and this honestly started because those closest to me loved the way I dressed and wanted me to share my outfits with them. Since then, I’ve been working on the launch of my tiny online boutique KSK. It features outfits that I can …

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