A Date With My Dad- Chinese Style

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It’s not often that I spend time with my dad. I guess the older you become the more you want to do your own thing and to be honest life takes over. However, a few weeks ago after weeks of arranging and then cancelling my Dad and I visited an intimate and cosy chinese restaurant …

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There really isn’t a better time to start blogging. There is an abundance of support networks on hand to promote, share and retweet your blog links. While on Twitter, I came across the fantastic resource ‘The Bloggers Hub’; an online base where bloggers can register to gain access to products to review and to be …

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#MyMusicMyMood| Years & Years “King”

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It’s been a while since I have posted a video in this section. The main reason is because items in personal life have pre-occupied my time and music hasn’t been much of a saviour.  However, of late I have been slowly moving back towards my first love and music has always been the one thing …

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#Reviews| Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water

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I have very sensitive skin. That’s a very short and to the point statement because my skin has been a problematic subject for me. Over the years; it has appeared that I have developed a allergy of one type or another from  beauty products that contain too much fragrance.

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#Reviews| Usher URX Tour @ O2 Arena

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When I was younger I was in love with Usher. No, really I was and I know exactly when it happened. I was watching Top of The Pops and he ripped his shirt off while dance to ‘You Make Me Wanna’ I was hooked and the love affair continued for a long time after that. …

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