#Places| When In Spain Visit Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

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I may be a little obsessive with Spain but it is the destination that seriously gave birth to a renewed appreciation for travel. I am not a keen flyer and can find travelling tedious. However, over the past year; I have realised that you haven’t truly lived into you are ready and willing to explore …

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#MyLookMyWay| The Best Jumpsuit Ever

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Okay, not the best title in the world but in my opinion, this jumpsuit just ticks every box. The material is soft and doesn’t stick to your skin; it glides. Yes, it glides. The print is beautiful and reminds me of the transition period from Autumn to Winter.

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#TheRealness | My Unconventional NY Wishlist  

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Only 3 more full nights sleeps till Christmas; though I can’t say that I have been in the festive mood recently. I have tried to embrace the Christmas season. In fact, I’ve tried almost everything. I’ve listened to Christmas songs in my car. That failed because I quite quickly switched that to some Hip-Hop! I …

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#MyLookMyWay| I Heart Street Art- Brick Lane Edition

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When I first saw this khaki bomber jacket from Topshop I had to have it. Priced at £55.00 I wasn’t that happy to part with my cash but saying that; the quality is to die for and sometimes even as a thrifty fashion blogger, …

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#TheRealness | How To Get Back To Your Best

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It honestly doesn’t matter who you are…rich or poor, black or white, religious or atheist.. (you get the drift!) you are going to come up against those horrible days where you will feel like nothing is going right and everything that could possibly go wrong is going more wrong than ever before. It is those …

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