Insights | Finding My Feet

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The last few weeks have been painful both physically and mentally. I can’t really go into details as to what has happened as I guess there has to be some element of your life that stays private.  However, I have been on a roller-coaster for a while …

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Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss

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I do appreciate a freebie, especially one that is so effective! I recently purchased a copy of Glamour Magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find inside a Shine Ultra Lip Gloss by ModelCo. I had seen the brand in a number of cosmetics chains but never really paid much attention to it.  However, you can’t …

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Red Carpet Style @ The Going Bongo Premier

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This was the first time that I had been on the red carpet as an actually ‘personality’ and not as press and I was pretty nervous about it. However, I will say my sense of pride overshadowed this because I had been invited down to my accomplishments and position as a radio presenter at Colourful …

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A Date With My Dad- Chinese Style

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It’s not often that I spend time with my dad. I guess the older you become the more you want to do your own thing and to be honest life takes over. However, a few weeks ago after weeks of arranging and then cancelling my Dad and I visited an intimate and cosy chinese restaurant …

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There really isn’t a better time to start blogging. There is an abundance of support networks on hand to promote, share and retweet your blog links. While on Twitter, I came across the fantastic resource ‘The Bloggers Hub’; an online base where bloggers can register to gain access to products to review and to be …

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