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#MyLookMyWay | Blue Crush

I’ve recently had an obsession with all things blue but before I’ve started to wear it, I’ve began to organise my wardrobe by colour (yes, this has been a very long task) and I’m no where near finished but I just love this look! I know it’s Autumn and that means all the dark shades come out but why not add a pop of colour. This is so a casual date night outfit.

Distressed denim goes with everything and to make this look more adaptable to the colder climate; you only need add a pair of tights with the dress and hop into an Uber if you don’t want to drive because let’s face it, driving yourself to the date; or worse still having to catch public transport…. No one ain’t got time time for that! All items are tagged below and are all from 😉
Denim Heaven
  1. Grey Fitted Dress – £13.00
  2. Denim Jacket – £36.00
  3. Black Chelsea Boots – £21.00
  4. Cross Body Bag – £25.00
  5. Grey Choker -£6.58
  6. Dope Cap – £12.00

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