#MyLookMyWay | Why Recycling Your Old Clothes Is OK!

#MyLookMyWay | Why Recycling Your Old Clothes Is OK!

I swear I miss the days of old, when there wasn’t any social media. I mean, don’t get me wrong; without these powerful mediums I wouldn’t be able to grow my personal brand and launch my upcoming ventures. However, there is no denying that social media can make you feel a little deflated. Especially in the wardrobe department. YouTube, for me is the most difficult to ignore as fashion bloggers are continually presenting us with hauls. Pretty Little Thing here, Topshop there, ASOS here and let’s not forget some missguided.

The pressure to keep up with trends is at the back of every woman’s mind, whether you consciously or subconsciously acknowledge it.

However, although I used to feel the pressure in this department. I’ve began to take on a new perspective. It really doesn’t matter what you wear. It’s more important that you look good wearing it. A true fashionista can take one outfit and wear it in multiple ways, giving a fresh and renewed perspective. Fashion should be fun and reflective of your personality, not a pressure point. I dress to suit my mood but more importantly, I dress to suit my budget and I am an advocate of the belief that it’s a skill to know how to dress and update old clothes, giving them an update and wearing them again.

I absolutely love changing my look and mix and matching old items with new purchases. Of course, if you’re able to purchase new clothes weekly or if you have major links with fashion PR’s and brands. More for you! But, if you’re like me and you’re on the rise 😉 – then take pride in your wardrobe, read fashion magazines and sites for inspiration and new ways to wear what you already own. Use accessories including belts and bags to switch up your look and focus on enjoying the process. Fashion should always be fun and don’t allow anyone to tell you any different!

I’m working on a post on wearing one item of clothing in three different ways and I know you’re all going to love it!

About this outfit…

So staying on the theme of recycling outfits. Not one piece of this look is new. The top was purchased from an independent boutique situated in South London called Aytas. The quality of the clothing you can find there is fantastic and many people who ask me where my clothing comes from are always surprised when I direct them there.

My sandals were an absolute diamond find! The savvy shopper in me absolutely loves online shopping and I always spend hours working my way through Everything5Pounds. I was pretty shocked when I found these amazing gladiator style sandals which were originally from River Island. To get them for £5 was too good and obviously, when I found they came in brown, I had to cop them too! (It wouldn’t be fair or just if I didn’t.)

My shorts are from Primark and were only £3! They are so comfortable and there are variations of it being sold now in the store.

I’ve worn all of these pieces time and time again and I’m probably going to style more looks with them.


If you can buy expensive clothing and that is your thing, more for you. I just get a major kick out of making something out of nothing 🙂