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#MyLookMyWay| Tye Dye Dream

When it was warmer in the UK and I was able to bask in the sun that we did actually get, I did a lot of style shoots for the purpose of this blog and for


The Autumn months have now crept in and I’m now planning a more winter inspired look. However, it would be tragic not to share these images with you. The day was a good one, my mother and I managed to shoot over 7 looks. The obsession was with Tye dye and I practically lived in this dress in the summer months.  However, it is such a versatile outfit and in this shoot I teamed it with boots and my classic fendora hat from H&M.


It could easily be worn with a bomber or for a more classic look a black trench coat.  Aside from the hat, all items are from Krazy, Sexy Kool.






The past few days have been a roller coaster and with it, I have been through so many emotions. Life is one hell of a ride; one minute things are going so bad, the next; you are reminded of the blessings you do have.









I am really aiming to blog more and to begin filming videos too, I have invested in a screen and lights to use for the process so I can expand on it further and build my following.  Having a health distraction like ‘Personal Style Blogging’ is cool but as for the buying clothes… not so much.


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