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#MyLookMyWay| The Pursuit Of Happiness

This is something I have been thinking on a while as being happy (consistently anyway) has been a major challenge for me for quite a while now. I’m unsure whether it is the everyday pressures of modern day life that has taken its toll. I do know that life is extremely challenging and as positive a person I may be; like anyone, I do struggle to keep positive and upbeat. It honestly doesn’t matter what you may possess in life material or immaterial, the truth is being happy is the only thing that matters. Life is fleeting and it is without a doubt precious.

My thought pattern over the last few days has been solely on this. How can I feel happy, how can I stay positive when challenges (as they do) rear their ugly head. How can I dance in the rain when all I want to do is stop.


I’ve noticed more and more that many people deal with struggles and with the influx of new technologies and social media showing smiley, happy people continually; it can honestly be hard to keep on top of things.


For me, the next few weeks will involve a lot of soul searching as I work on keeping my mood in a heightened place. Something that has been helping with that of late is my online magazine, as it approaches its sixth year, it is a reminder of the blood, sweat and tears which has gone into maintaining it. Of course; I did by no means do this alone. It is a testament to my love of words and content creation in all its diverse forms. It has also helped me to realise that writing is the ONLY way I want to earn a living. With my goals now firmly in place; and a dedication to making it a reality. I now need to keep in my minds eye that when it comes to it, my happiness has to and must be my number one priority.


Outfit deets..

The sun was out in London on this day when with no plan I embarked with my mother outside to shoot a new #MyLookMyWay post. The great thing about these shoots is that they double up as images for my online boutique too.


I love this top; for the purpose of this blog post I’ll name it the KYLIE top as I saw Kylie Jenner wear a similar one. I love how white makes any outfit pop. As simple as this outfit is I feel it was important to put on simple shorts and simply allow the top to speak for itself.


The black shorts with lace detailing on the rim was a bargain at £6.00 from Primark. My plain black ankle boots with spike detailing is quite an old pair but I absolutely love them. They are from New Look and cost me £18.00.


To further expand on the #MyLookMyWay section, I will be adding a celebrity segment and filming more haul videos so watch this space. 🙂


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