#MyLookMyWay | The Glow Up & Why I Won’t Edit My Images

#MyLookMyWay | The Glow Up & Why I Won’t Edit My Images

I can’t deny it, I love a mustard yellow on my skin tone. It’s so complimentary and makes me feel AMAZING! What I love most about this look is how much my skin is glowing!

I actually take great pleasure in not editing my images. I often trail through my favourite bloggers images and too often I find they’re just too heavily edited.

Don’t get me wrong, when you have large audiences, you evidently answer to a lot of people and they expect nothing less than perfection. They follow you for that reason. Because you look perfect and everything around you looks just that, perfect.

However, I don’t ever want to be forced into a box which is unrealistic and not authentic. If I am nothing; I am without a shadow of a doubt as authentic as you’re going to get because I say it as it is, I don’t front nor do I pretend. I love my magazine and I love the path I’m forging but I no longer love my job. Even though it helps me to survive, it doesn’t help me live or, more conclusively; it doesn’t allow me to live my best life. So I say that, I don’t sugarcoat because I want you the reader to connect with me and realise that even if a picture is perfect, everything around it may not be, and you know what, that’s okay too.

I love the idea that I wear wigs and weaves, I love and wear makeup, I eat meat, I don’t plan my blogs, I eat into my savings. Damn it, I’m far from perfect. But, I lay that side of myself bare and I’m pleased and thankful that I am completely me, online and what you see is what you get.

So with that being said, here’s my favourite picks from a fantastic blog shoot with my fantastic mother, who makes it all seem effortless. She points and clicks and I pose. It’s always fun and I think these images are a testament to that fact. 🙂

Top | New Look | £4.99
Denim Jeans | Primark | £12.99
Heels | Ego Official | £29.99
Yellow Jacket | Zara | £39.99