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#MyLookMyWay | The £5 Outfit That Turned Heads

I’m so happy that I’ve found my blogging and editing flow and I’ve been doing pretty well in keeping my magazine and my personal blog updated! I really wanted to ensure I broke down the outfit I wore to the C-Hub Magazine Awards as it got a LOT of attention. As you must be aware of by now. Sasha doesn’t tend to follow all the current trends. I’ve come to find the all of the big bloggers look alike and have similar weaves, clothing and make-up. This isn’t an attack on anyone but I’m going to have to keep it totally 100 with you. I don’t have the budget for it and brands are not flooding my postal box with goodies to review (just yet ;)) so I need to work within the realms of my budget and I like to think I slay most of the time!

I grew up buying clothing from markets and my mother was always able to pick up pieces of clothing that no-one else had. I lived in Benetton and Oilily and there were so many other named brand clothing that I was lucky to wear. AS I got older, my love affair with markets grew and grew as I was often taken to East Street Market in South London and Roman Road Market in Bow.

However, there was a period of time when markets just got… well dead; they got dead. I think they became to pre-occupied in getting really dirt cheap products and were not concerned with quality or style. Because of this; I stopped going to them for a number of years. However, after exhausting many options online when searching for my awards outfit; my mum suggested we head down to Roman Road Market and see what they had to offer.

I had initially found the perfect outfit which was from Missguided and I made the mistake of saying out loud that I wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, I had a very sour face woman hanging around in my midst and she picked it up when I went to the cashpoint. When we returned we were fuming because A) the outfit would not have complimented her body shape in the way it would have mine (this of course is a matter of opinion) and 2) she was a salty (use your imagination to complete the sentence) as she only purchased it because she heard that I wanted it. (Don’t you hate when women do that!)

Not one to admit defeat however, I continued to walk up and down the market and on my way out my mum saw the dopest outfit hanging on a rail. I knew I had to have it. It may be a very simple outfit but the trailing back was what sold it. The front was very revealing so I asked my mum to sew it up. When I asked the man how much it cost, I wasn’t expecting him to say £5!! yesssssss this



My shoes were from an independent boutique in Peckham which sells all the up to date shoe trends for affordable rates. I paid £35 for this amazing shoes which really helped to make this look.

My mum had been telling me about harnasses for a long while (not the ones you hang from!) the ones that you wear under low cut tops to give it that extra pop. I bought mine from Ebay and it cost £1.99. My burgundy choker is from Primark and is apart of a set of 3 or 4 small chokers and is currently reduced and selling for a £1 in all good Primark stores right now!

You don’t need to allow a tight budget to stop you from looking your best. Fashion is fun and online fashion, thrift stores and markets make putting together affordable but wicked outfits together.

I have one more #MyLookMyWay post to write up before the end of the year and then I go onto celebrating my blogs 2 year anniversary in January so more posts are on there way. Many thanks to my top visitors from around the world with Denmark, China and Sweden being my top readers. I see you and thank you for stopping by.




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