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#MyLookMyWay| Taking Charge

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to write anything. I guess you can say that life and all its twists and turns has taken its toll on my creativity. However, yesterday I found my inspiration again. I won’t go into details as to what it is that made me realise once and for all that I needed to make changes. However, I will say it was the kick I needed to really evaluate my life, put things in perspective and take charge.


My idea of taking charge is cleaning my social media. (I’ve deleted my Snapchat and instant messaging services; tired of the intrusion and the sheer time it takes from my life) I’ve reviewed all my paperwork and organised them thoroughly. I’ve cleared my email mail boxes of posts that don’t matter and prioritised those that do. I’ve stripped down my social calendar (sometimes the only company you really want during these periods is your own) and I’ve been cleaning my social media pages so what remains is a true reflection of my life and what I want to share.


It’s been a interesting few days but before I can begin creating some of the content that takes time and complete preparation; I’ve been working my way through my photo library on my mobile to ensure I share all the posts I’ve been meaning to put up.


This is one of them. A series of pictures taken by my beautiful mother; on one of the rare days when it was warm in London Town.


The next few days are going to be more of the above, tidying, re-evaluating and preparing. I got some good news today; but it’s going to take more positive action from myself to take things to the next level. Sometimes you need to take charge and press on no matter what may be happening within your life. It’s at those times that your true character comes to the fore and to be completely honest with you;  I’m excited to see what this newfound good news brings.

















Shades | H&M
Sandals | Krazy Sexy Kool
Shorts | Primark
Tassel Bag | H&M
Necklace | H&M
White Vest | H&M
Kimono | Boohoo


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