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#MyLookMyWay| Sunshine & Metal In Southend

I tend to start my blog posts these days with ‘it’s been more than a while’ because it’s been just that. More than a while. I don’t know; life has taken over once more and I have to admit; it’s been oh so trying. But, don’t despair I’m not at all deflated. In fact; the events of the past few weeks have reminded me of the fact that I possess great resilience and I will not give up. Instead, I’m about to take things up a notch.

I’m back exercising and waking up in the am to get my cardio boost, I’m making smoothies and I’m working on my mindset. I’ve also found a new love for my magazine  and have become quite obsessed with updating it and working on new post/ideas. Let’s just say I’ve found my mojo.  The reason behind this is worth its own post 😉


In other news…….


A few weeks ago, I travelled to Southend to work on a media partnership with a fabulous brand called FreshBox. I hadn’t been to Southend since I was a child so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, what I found was a beautiful beach with views for miles and the cleanest, freshest air ever. I never realised how much I needed to get away from London and just see something different.




While there; I stole the opportunity of capturing a few shots of of outfit. Still obsessed with distressed denim, I teamed this with my cute shoes with laced up front detailing and an open back from River Island (I got this on sale for £30, reduced from £45) . My METAL top which has a shreaded design on the back is from Krazy Sexy Kool. This was the last week of me wearing braids too so I was pretty happy to have captured the moment.














Now the aim is to try and blog more consistently; wish me luck! I’m going to obviously need it.



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