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#MyLookMyWay| Rule Britannia

The KSK boutique launches tomorrow so it felt like a good idea to get another key look up. It’s quite evident that I love Fendora hats; this one in particular from H&M goes with everything and completely rounds up this look. I love black but I also really like wearing bold and bright colours.





The ‘Rule Britannia’ dress can be worn on it’s own on paired with leggings and boots like I’m wearing it. I can think of so many ways this outfit can be worn; a leather jacket and a top bun come to mind.


_DSC0175 (1)


Isn’t the backdrop wicked?! A colour clash or what? I really wanted the colours to stand out more than anything and I feel the graffiti really made a major difference.




Right now, as I upload this I’m practising my skills of multi-tasking; which for some reason I am not really good at and considering I am a woman and this should be something that comes naturally to me; unfortunately it hasn’t. As I put in each picture, I’m also working on my online lifestyle mag In-spire LS. After what was quite a long hiatus, I’m getting my passion back for writing and the site is going from strength to strength. Do show me some love and visit it HERE


_DSC0171 (2)


I had a lot doing this shoot with my mum, she always captures my mood perfectly; as you can see; I was pretty happy that day. The boots, leggings and dress are all from KSK.




Make sure you check out which launches tomorrow and look out for more posts on here. Let me know if you like this look by leaving me a quote below.


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