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#MyLookMyWay | Rocking Zara & Stay In My Own Lane

Is it crazy that it has taken me to reach the age of 31 to finally realise that I am not like everyone else, I am not where I ultimately want to be, my life isn’t as glitzy as the Kardashian’s and my Insta feed isn’t enviable and it’s actually 100% okay to be where I am, as I am because there is nothing more powerful and greater than being me, loving me and respecting my journey; because ultimately it’s my journey to take. I now feel at complete peace with myself and the mistakes that I have made. I respect that some of the decisions I have made have hurt others outside of myself and things have happened that I am not particularly pleased or proud of.


However, I know I’ve learned from my mistakes and I am a greater and more powerful now than I’ve ever been. I at LAST know what makes me tick, what makes me happy and what direction I want my life to take. I have fallen in love with my magazine again and I appreciate that it has taken me years to get to this point but now I’ve made the decision to work on this for life, it has become even more clear that attaining anything of worth takes time and persistence.


It’s so easy to look left and right and not stay on your own path. Life has a way of throwing curve balls at you but you have to put on you best running shoes and dodge the hell out of them. You need to be your biggest supporter, your own number one fan and you need to believe that even on your worst days; you will come out on top because you were never meant to stay at the bottom.


Be dedicated to YOUR purpose because it’s YOURS and NOBODY else’s.  I’m finally at peace with my journey and how far I’ve reached. Now it’s time to soar. 🙂


Today’s #MyLookMyWay post was shot on a day that was so cold, I could barely strike a pose! My feet and and hands were numb and it pained me to smile so I opted for the moody look instead and the result was A OK (if I do say so myself, S/O also to my tog Davina Bailey AKA my mum- she’s one of the best in the business!)


I’m wearing an ‘in your face’ slogan tee from Krazy Sexy Kool and plain black leggings which were a bargain at £7 and was purchased from Matalan. I wanted to have a moody dark look this time round because the images I’ve posted of late have been more pretty than anything else; so I felt it was time to channel a different mood. We also chose to shoot less pictures and focus on getting out and in within 10 minutes. I think we did pretty good. Obviously, I’d prefer your feedback so feel free to share. I also switched between jackets just to switch up my look and show different ways this top can be worn. My distressed denim jacket is EVERYTHING and cost me £45 from Zara. My ustard yellow biker jacket (which I’m also still in love with even though I purchased it over 6 months ago is also from Zara and cost me £39.99. My boots were a complete bargain from New Look and only cost £16.99 in one of their many sales.








I haven’t got any more looks to showcase so I’m back to planning the next set of looks when time permits. Until the next post x


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