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#MyLookMyWay | Rocking Independent Brands & The Power of Self-Evaluation

What did you do this Bank Holiday weekend? If you’re based in London or the UK; did you venture down to Notting Hill Carnival or did you have to work? Did you choose to have a quiet one and visit the park or spend time lounging in your garden? For once, the weather was summer time fine in London town and I made sure I took the opportunity to have some me time.

I spent some time meditating and organising my paperwork, I cleared my email box and marked those that were a priority, I steamed my face, painted my toe nails and re-organised my clothes. I also took time to write down my key objectives for all of my ventures, my online magazine and my preparation of moving into a shared office for it, my plans for it expansion and growth at the pace that I want it to go to, I finalised my flight to Ireland; where I will be reviewing a spa in the next month, I paid my online bills and I wrote down all the ventures I am currently working on to help me gain a sense of clarity as for the past few weeks I’ve become a little bogged down by adult life and my responsibilities. I’ve also allowed self doubt and regret to weigh me down which has only affected my mindset.

Whenever you get the chance to, whether it’s during your next weekend or any opportunity you can get to spend time with yourself. Take it!. Take the time to evaluate where you currently are and take time to plan and jot down ideas, inspirations or simply random thoughts based around your life, your goals and things that you want to do.

I had got in the habit of continuously saying that I only had 24 hours and that the days had gone to fast and that there isn’t enough time. But the truth is, no matter who we are, what colour we are, what cultural background, what country we reside in; the list is endless. We all have the same 24 hours so in order to really make those hours count we need to take time to plan, evaluate and clarify what we’re working on and what we need to do in order to be personally fulfilled.

You may be feeling like I did, totally overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Take my advice and no matter what give yourself time to plan and the plot the steps you need to take to execute your plan. You deserve it.

About my outfit…

Yes, I actually found time between self-evaluating to shoot some new looks and the focus has been independent boutiques. It’s not that I have anything against online and well know retail chains but sometimes it is nice (and convenient) to shop local and down my local high street I came across a local boutique which had the perfect floral two piece in the window. It so happened to be the last one in stock so it was a total no-brainer and if that wasn’t enough, it had been reduced from £30 to £15!.

I absolutely love the floral print on this. It’s feminine but not overpowering as if you’re not careful enough; your floral garments can resembles curtains. The subtle pink and tied-up arms features really help to make this a stand out piece. It’s the perfect two piece for holidays too so I can imagine myself holding it back for my next summer holidays. What I loved most about this outfit was that it really brought out my feminine side.

As for my footwear, I am still very in love with my perspex heels from Ego and find they go with absolutely everything. I paid £29.99 for these beauts and similar are still available in their store.

How I love my H&M shades, I picked these up last summer but they have held up well (being dashed around and dropped in my handbag without a case for the most part). They go perfectly with this look.

I felt amazing in this co-ordinate set and I think the images speak for themselves. What do you think of florals? are they a yay or nay in your current wardrobe? P.S – I would apologise for the amount of images but it was hard to whittle it down to a few and besides I’m not really that sorry 😉





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