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#MyLookMyWay| Rock Chick

This look is everything. It’s not a forced style but one that is intrinsically my own and one that I am comfortable with. My mother taught me to dress to suit my personality and I have a personality that takes several diverse forms. I tend to dress to suit my mood and for this shoot I wanted to show off a look that I would probably wear out to a concert or out for a music event of some sort.


It’s cool, understated but speaks volumes and really turns heads. (Trust me, the looks I received the day of the shoot was pretty epic) It’s not a ‘typical’ look and completely embodies the #KrazySexyKool look. Look out for the online boutique launching soon where you can purchase the CREEP  top; which is bang on trend with the cut-out shoulders and the mesh leggings which screams ROCK CHICK! 


creep 8


Creep 7


Fashion is the current trends but style is how you put it together. I feel I have both these areas firmly on lock-down.

My favourite fendora hat is from H&M and has featured in previous posts. The shades are also from #KSK and will also be available soon. Thanks to those who have made enquiries about when they can grab an item. It’s coming!


creep 6


Once again, I had to ensure the look was captured properly and not only on my phone; outside my house or work (Lazy Blogger!) I think it adds a little extra when the outfits are shot with a good camera.


Creep 5


I was a little apprehensive about starting up fashion blogging as I felt shooting often would become a chore… guess I was wrong 😉


creep 4



Creep 3







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