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#MyLookMyWay| Painting The Town Red

I always like to be given an excuse to dress up and after my friend Latoya arranged for me to have afternoon tea recently I decided to put on the only red item that I value in my wardrobe; this gorgeous scarlet red corduroy coat from my favourite high street store H&M.

Believe it or not; this coat is over 6 years old and I have NEVER seen another person wearing it. I barely step out in it as I love it way too much and am truly trying to conserve it as much as possible. I really don’t like red but this coat was a STAR BUY when I first saw it. Priced at £29.99 it was a must and after being told my mum that I didn’t need it and then promptly being frog-marched out of the store. I threw a very timely and precise tantrum which led to us both walking back in so I could make my purchase. The coat is made extra special by the fact that it has a pretty floral design on the inside which gives it an extra special touch.


I am still in love with my knee-high boots from Primark which were so affordable and are very comfortable. I was complimented on my hat which is also from H&M and was a snip at £14.99. I have a thing for the Dogtooth print and own a dress which I bought over 10 years ago. I hardly every wear it as I need extra special events to occur before I take it out of storage. I bought it when Mark 1 became MK One and London based high street fashion lovers on my blog will know that that shop died a while ago!


My Dogtooth skirt was purchased around 6 months ago from New Look and is still available priced £15.99. I love the two tiny slits which feature at the very front which is a nice touch.

To ensure my red coat stood out I wore a plain black jumper which has leather sleeve detailing also from H&M and priced £12.99; this is also currently still available to buy in stores.

My necklace which consists of spikes and tiny gems is from Primark and only cost £5.00, I do love a bargain!


My massive bag which was a gift from my best friend is also from H&M (You can tell I love the store right?!) priced £29.99

As its early days, the images of the style posts are quite limited but stick with me on my blogging journey, so much more to come!

My nail polish is now a current addiction. From Poundland; keep an eye on my review of their amazing nail polishes coming up on 🙂


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