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#MyLookMyWay | Overcoming Testing Times

Let’s just get right into this. The past few weeks have been extremely challenging for me. I am a firm believer that we can (if we demonstrate enough strength of will) overcome anything life throws at us. However, sometimes and I mean sometimes things can become too much and you do feel like throwing in the towel.  So many shitty things have presented themselves in my life that I can almost go as far as saying that I strongly considered stopping everything. It really is a dangerous when the actions and opinions of others can play such a detrimental effect on you; that your judgement is completed clouded.


I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘thoughts become things’ I also feel that more often than not, you bring about what you think about and of late I’ve felt like I’ve been surrounded by negative influences who can’t help but cast negativity out like a bad smell and I am adamant, they have only reared their ugly head because my thoughts have led them to.


It’s so easy to lose sight of the road when people; be it family, friends, acquaintances continually toss negativity onto your path. It’s so vital that you make a conscious decision to DO YOU and figure out what makes you happy.  I’ve made a number of decisions this week that I won’t be going back on. It’s best sometimes to throw caution to the wind and to put yourself first. I have spent a long time trying to appease everyone and to work around everyone’s behaviours whether it be within my family, friendship groups and within my professional life.


We all have it in us to overcome testing times; the number one thing to do is to draw on past experiences where you have overcome challenged before. I’m no longer thinking of throwing in the towel but I do acknowledge that over the next few months; in order for me to become really progressive I need to break down my PLANS into steps; being clear in my goal and decisive in what actions to take.


People around me will soon realise that I’m just not tolerating the nonsense and negativity they harbour. You can only be as great as the company you keep, so if they want to be around me, they must prepare to be GREATER.


Now onto this weeks #MyLookMyWay 


This look is bold for me as I tend to turn to grey, beiges, blacks and browns during the winter months. Some people tend to dress in a way that reflects their mood. I’m much the opposite. I tend to dress based on the mood I want to have and my mood then changes to match it. With this bright and bold look, my mood that day was extremely happy.



































I love my lime green sandals from New Look – this is the second time this particular footwear has popped up into an outfit post on the blog, but I love how it changes up this look. Sometimes a little pop of colour goes a long way. The only issue I had with the sandal was that the heel is pretty short which in some shots made my legs look stubby. (you win some, you lose some)


There was a time when I was obsessed with getting bright flourescent everything and went on the prowl everyday for weeks on the high street to find a cardigan in a bright shade. I finally found this one from New Look and am still in love with it. It instantly changes an outfit.


My open cut plunge top is actually a body suit from Miss Pap. The way body suits simply took over last year. I have about 10 but this one’s a favourite. Black is the colour that always wins, hands down; no matter the occasion.


My necklace comes as part of a set of three from Primark and is gorgeous; made from faux suede; I love the way it sits perfectly down my chest.


My ripped jeans are from Ebay. I have developed a major love for Ebay of late. It’s in part the affordability and the fact that although it is online buying; the quality of the products that I receive is always so good; I never have to ask for a return.


It feels good to finally find my footing with my blog direction and my style.  Look out for my next one! P.S- If you want me to start listing links to the items or to similar (if they are no longer available) let me know! x







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