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#MyLookMyWay | My Denim Obsession

Okay, it’s official.  This site is fast becoming fashion obsessed. Trust me I have two food posts coming and a few music ones that are bubbling under the surface. But, my love for buying affordable clothing and putting together some trendsetting looks is becoming quite a thing for me and to be honest; they’re proving to be quite popular in terms of bringing traffic to my site. So you know what they say; if it ain’t broke; don’t even bother try fixing it. (Ok, I kinda added my own twist to the thing but you can see where this is going…!:

At present I have 5 denim jackets and this one below is the 6th!!!

Lucky for me, this was gift from a friend and it is the perfect instalment to my already bulging wardrobe. I am absolutely in love with denim on denim, especially when it doesn’t completely match. Some people often get put off and see it as an overload, but for me, the more denim the better. I have always given darker denim preferential treatment and I think this outfit is a perfect indication as to why. Look how much it compliments the shade white!

Although, not typically an ‘autumn colour’, I am always one to test the boundaries and I tend to always go for outfits that breaks conventions. Fashion is a form of expression and honing your personal style should be the end goal always.!


Co-ordinates are such a great and quick pick when you’re in a rush. I like to pretend that I take days to plan my look. But the reality is, I often put them together in the morning when I wake up! That’s why I know co-ordinates are a must and a major wardrobe staple. I have a number of them in my wardrobe; a diverse range of styles and colours to suit all weathers and occasions. This set was in the ‘going out’ section of the boutique I purchased it from. However, by teaming it with these cute denim boots and the long denim jacket; I think the look is now more casual. My necklace/choker is also from an independent boutique in South London.

What do you think of the denim on denim look?? Yay or nay?? x





Co-ordinate (white top and skirt) – Independent Boutique (South London) £7.99
Denim Boots – Public Desire £29.99
Long Denim Jacket -Ebay (Price Unknown- gift)
Choker-Independent Boutique £1.00
Silver Earrings-Primark  £2.00 


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