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#MyLookMyWay | If Not Now, When?

I’m feeling pretty impatient at the moment. Feeling a little tired and over exerted. Feeling tired of helping people who should by now be able to help them self. I’m always the fixer, the one to lend an ear when ‘they’ have problems but after a while, like anything that can and does become exhausting.

I want to be in my own headspace from now on. I want to be able to cut off and give my FULL attention to myself. While I am still able to because I don’t have children (yet) so I need to take this time to REALLY go for it.

You have to get to this point sometimes, when your back is up against the wall and you have no other option but to march forward and knock down and block all opposition. There are some things within my life that need to change RIGHT NOW!

Not later, not tomorrow, not next week but RIGHT NOW. The first is the toxic environments I have allowed myself to be within for years. Trying to help others I’ve too often neglected my own needs and wants.

TODAY I choose to shift my focus, and fight through any negativity or doubt that has too often reared its ugly head. I’m going to, from this day forward implement change and shift the direction in which my current life is moving.

When it comes to making change however, sometimes; your moves have to be silent. You need to silence your thoughts and not give into negativity.

So here…it… goes…



About my outfit…

This simple look has got a lot of love. Thrown together (as most of my looks are) in the morning of shoot day. I wanted to create a transitional look from Summer to Autumn. A crisp white shirt is a must for autumn, but not one to be average, I played on the style and purchased a white shirt with cut out shoulders. I only tend to visit River Island in the sales as I find their clothing can often be quite expensive. So, it was a straight forward buy when this beauty turned up on the sales rack for £9!!. Christmas came early that day!

I’ve always been in love with Tassels. I own tassel jackets shirts and skirts. This skirt is fire! I picked it up from H&M last Autumn and it is one staple that my wardrobe has thanked me for. It has the ability to completely change an outfit.

This season, baby pink is a major winner. Teamed with this simple black and white outfit, this jacket is beautiful and was only £29.99 from my favourite online shopping destination EBAY.

My boots are a new pair from you guessed it Public Desire. I visited the site recently and found some of their over the knee boots had been reduced from £39.99 to £19.99. Obviously, I bought two and got a pair in grey as well. Just because 🙂




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