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#MyLookMyWay| I Heart Street Art- Brick Lane Edition

When I first saw this khaki bomber jacket from Topshop I had to have it. Priced at £55.00 I wasn’t that happy to part with my cash but saying that; the quality is to die for and sometimes even as a thrifty fashion blogger, you need to be willing to pay for things that are good! I’m totally in love with khaki green, I mentioned this in a previous post but I guess that just clearly highlights how much I adore the colour.


I have to say that I ended up buying the black bomber too;  because let’s face it, a girl can never have enough black. This shoots location was in Brick Lane. I have always loved this area of London. Mainly for its vast choices of clothing shops; both vintage and modern. There are stores to fit you, no matter your budget and if you are not interested in going shopping for clothes; there are endless places to go to eat.





It’s the street art that speaks the most to me. It’s the vibrancy of the colours, the bold prints and the creativity of the street artists. All of the street art adds to the area and makes it that more interesting. For the purpose of my outfit post, this part of Brick Lane became the most perfect backdrop.






I’m wearing my favourite distressed jeans and black boots from It was slightly cold outside when I shot this but I always have time for ripped denim.  My belt is £3.00 from Primark (A firm favourite)






I absolutely love this fitted white crop top also from Topshop and priced £7.00, I knew it would fit like a glove and kind of reminds me of that 90’s girl group look; imagine TLC or All Saints.






This was a good day and one of my favourite #MyLookMyWay posts so far. If only everyday was as good as this one.. I like to think one day they will be 😉















There was so many great backdrops to choose from. I actually instagrammed this look twice before this post went live and it was evident it’s quite an appreciated look. Versatile and trendy; I would wear this to meet up with friends or to go on a ‘day time’ date with a guy. The best part about it is it totally captures my personal style and personality. I dress for me and no one else and that’s the most important thing.






It was my mum’s idea to walk down the road and to capture me in mid-movement! I absolutely love my care-free attitude. I felt good and it showed. At this point, there were these young artists creating more art across the street, they were calling over and it’s obvious I wasn’t that good at ignoring


them! 😉







Right now, I’m trying to plan winter looks but struggling as I’m often found hibernating in bed with my i-pad on one side of me and snacks on the other…  Let’s see what I manage to pull together.


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