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#MyLookMyWay | Facing Some Home Truths

Do you know those moments when you finally feel like you’re getting your shit together and might get through this rat race they call life; when someone close to you tells you some hard truths and it hurts like hell! Well, that happened to me yesterday and to be honest I feel like I manoeuvred around it all pretty well. I guess I finally realised I’m 32 and I still have a lot of trial and error going on. Surely by now I should have everything in place and not be having negative nancy moments because I DO know what I want and I feel very sure (at last) that I can do it. I just wish I always came across that way. I also wish I was able to actively show that (at last) my intentions are straight and that I won’t mess up like all those times before.

I think the difference now is that I’m confident in the fact that I need to save myself. I need to pull my finger out, grind it out, sleep when I’m dead and make all the goals I have set, a reality. I know I can make everything come together and because I no longer feel afraid of failing or afraid of from time to time hitting the ground. I’m quietly confident I’m gonna make it through. I guess, time will tell.

About this outfit…

I’ve slayed a similar look on this blog but I couldn’t help but purchase this on a recent trip to NEW LOOK. The great thing about New Look is the way that they’re continuously on a sale. Every time I walk into their store, they’re selling something at  reduced price and most of the time, it is something that is fire! I have a thing for being a rick chick and I absolutely loved the tied up detailing on this one. I picked it up for only £7





But, let’s be honest; it’s the boots that say it the loudest! A few months ago, I became pretty obsessed with denim boots and I really wanted to get my hands on an affordable pair that clung tightly to my ankles, didn’t have a typical black or brown heel and wasn’t a denim that was too dark or too light. ( Not that specific then….!)


Of course, like time and time again before that Public Desire delivered and dropped these beauts at more door. The blue on my dress and the blue on my boots go perfectly! I love everything about this look, the dress, the boots and my makeup. The boots were £39.99 



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  • Edward Herath
    June 26, 2018

    One of your sexiest outfits ever!!! It’s an old post, I know, but still sexy AF! Xxx