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#MyLookMyWay | Celebrate Yourself – Flaws & All

You may not know this but I like to be toned and for one reason or another; whether it be down to sheer laziness and a combination of eating out too much (for reviews of course) not sleeping enough and working too many long hours; I was not as toned as I wanted to be in these pictures. Now since these images were taken; I have actually lost quite a lot of weight(this is mainly down to the fact that I am taking a short holiday in June and want to look epic in my bikini!) However, after looking through them; I considered not putting them out at all because I wasn’t looking the way I wanted to look.

It’s crazy how much pressure we put on ourselves to look our best at all times and how heavy we can come down on ourselves. In order to become the best version of yourself; you first have to acknowledge your flaws and realise that there will be some days that you won’t be perfect and you won’t always look the way you believe you should.


Loving yourself completely means that you like how you look with or without the make up, with or without the wig, weave and additional extensions, like how you look whether your toned or have a little flab. Once you grasp this and I mean truly grasp this idea, you can really begin to set in the action the plan you have for yourself.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting tonality; damn it I love being toned and showing off a ripped stomach after hours of workout sessions. However, in the event where I become shapely or more curvy than I’m used to; I’m going to embrace that moment too. The more I look at these images, the more I love them and I’m happy that I’ve developed the good sense to show them off.


The dress is from Krazy Sexy Kool and the boots are from New Look. After rocking this wig a fair few times; I’m seriously considering donning red weave because truly; when I wear it; I honestly think I run this world (shout out to Beyonce)


The next set of #MyLookMyWay posts will be set in beautiful Santorini and I can’t wait to take this short but sweet break, shoot some dope looks and get back to work.








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