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#MyLookMyWay | Breaking Conventions In White and Perspex

I have had a rollercoaster and emotional few days to say the least. I can proudly say that my team and I won ‘Online Magazine of the Year’ at the 2017, C-Hub awards (look out for a special #MyLookMyWay post on that.) I also took home the prize for ‘Best Editor’, which is a major achievement for me. I have worked on In-spire LS for 7 years and I write because I’m passionate about it, however it is always great to receive recognition.

When it comes to Autumn/Winter fashion the consensus normally states that neutral shades such as browns and beiges or darker colours like grey are the colours that we are told we should be wearing. However, I have never followed trends in their entirety. I dress for me and I wear whatever colours I want to wear, no matter the season of weather.

These styled jumper dresses with the faux fur sleeves are as current as you can get and there are so many deviations of them. My mum had her eyes on one for me for a number of weeks but when I got the money to purchase it, it sold out!

However, I ventured online and saw a retailer named ‘Rebellious Fashion’. The clothing on there are affordable and bang on trend and I was able to get my hands on one. I absolutely love the dress and have received a ton of compliments.

My boots have appeared on the blog before but I couldn’t help but team them up again with this look. My choker was from an independent boutique and only cost me £1.00. My real silver ring was a gift from my mum and my silver hoop earrings are from an independent boutique in Camberwell, London.

My jumper dress cost £29.99 and you can nab yours HERE



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