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#MyLookMyWay | Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

It’s currently bloody freezing in London Town and the last few times I have ventured out into the big wide world (aka 5 minutes away from my house) to shoot my looks, I have had to combat the cold to get the best images for my blog. The thing is, as an emerging and growing blogger I have to admit; as much as my room is much more ‘blogger friendly’ than it used to be (my room was green before and as you can imagine, was not particularly fitting for the perfect and clean background you’re supposed to present) it still doesn’t allow me to shoot my outfit posts in the way that I desire. So come rain or shine, snow or sleet I have to take up my opportunities when I get them to head outside and snap my garments.

I had my black jump suit for a number of months (I purchased it from an independent boutique in Camberwell) and I wasn’t sure when I would have the opportunity to wear it. I love the versatility of it. The material is polystyrene and is shiny so makes the perfect going out garment, but I could also easily dress this down with long boots and a distressed denim jacket. On this occasion I wanted to create a ‘going out look’ and this seasons go to accessory has to be the faux fur jacket or coat. You’d have to honestly be hiding under a bus to not see the amount of advertisements on television showing of a faux fur something or another.


Pink is currently a colour I’m really loving at the moment; particularly the baby pink kind. It goes with absolutely everything and has that perfect feminine touch without being too over fussy. I grabbed this faux fur two tone pink coat when I was supposed to be window shopping in TK Maxx. I often find that this shop is pretty distressing because you have to rummage through endless racks of clothing. However, on this occasion, I found this gorgeous coat with little effort. It is so warm and seriously dresses up your look. If I were going out, I’d wear this on a date night or an evening out to the theatre etc. It cost me £29.99 and is still being stocked in selective stores. My boots are a new pair from Public Desire and I got this one and a pair of dark grey ones for each BARGAIN!!!.

It may be cold outside, but this is one look worth catching a cold over. 🙂




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