#MyLookMyWay | 3 Reasons Why I Shop In Independent Boutiques & Why You Should Too

#MyLookMyWay | 3 Reasons Why I Shop In Independent Boutiques & Why You Should Too

I am determined to spread my love of affordable EVERYTHING to as many people as possible. Considering Adam  Eve came onto this Earth stark naked and were not concerned with worldly things. I don’t feel I should be either. (Yes, an odd example but it makes sense right?)

We live in a time where consumerism is QUEEN and more people than ever are craving material items that they simply cannot afford. With the gap between the rich and the poor increasing rapidly, we are constantly being fed advertisement after advertisement of luxury cars, houses, clothing and gadgets that many of us cannot afford.

For some, buying expensive clothes makes them feel good, others feel that the quality you receive in return for the heavy price tag is reason enough. I for one believe that you do receive the best quality items available if you’re willing to pay more for them. However, nothing and I say this again nothing is worth getting into debt for.

If you’re not able to buy the item you desire three times over and have money left, then you my friend cannot truly afford the item.

If you’re able to make the purchase; then my no means you have no reason to read this post. However, I write from experience and having damaged my credit trying to buy endless amounts of clothes and trying to emulate a way of living that I couldn’t afford. I now have a healthy respect for buying within my means and doing it in a way that is classy and still desirable.

“It’s not the clothes that makes the woman, but the woman that makes the clothes”

I have developed a passion for looking expensive on a budget. I feel there is a great skill in being able to look good without spending too much on the items I wear. I now realise as I get older that I have far greater things to invest my money into. There is nothing wrong with buying the odd designer bag or shoe. But, I have no desire to have a wardrobe full of them and I’m now more committed than ever to look like million pounds without ever having to spend it.

I haven’t been able to shoot a #MyLookMyWay post in a long while. This was partly down to just not being motivated enough to. However, after a 5 month hiatus I had to get back infront of the camera to show off this amazing outfit I picked up from the independent online boutique Shanny’s Boutique. I love the way the outfit fits my body and enhances my curves. The cost?

It only set me back £25 and how hot is it? The material is brilliant and the cost was more than affordable.

I have a wardrobe full of amazing pieces that are around this price bracket and I am always complimented on how I look  and how expensive my clothing looks.

Here’s my 3 reasons why I shop independent….

  1. It leaves me with more money to buy the things that really matter. 

The money I would or could’ve spent on designer wear can be better put to use on clearing my debts, growing my brand and travelling.

      2. Shopping from smaller independents means bigger corporations are not getting their hands on my money. 

I feel that my money is better served with smaller companies who are working on their growth and development. It isn’t easy to launch a business and if they’re providing quality items at the fraction of the cost, i’m more than here for it. Of course, there are many online stores or independent brands that are not always the best quality and because of that factor. You as the consumer need to be prepared to shop around and see what works best for you.

   3.  It increases the chance of you not looking like everyone else

I like to think my style is quite intrinsic to me. I wear what I want, when I want and I genuinely love putting looks together and doing it it on a budget.

Do you shop from independent stores and if yes, which ones do you recommend?