My Collaboration With Storm Desire

My Collaboration With Storm Desire

Hello guys, I’m getting pretty tired of apologising for my absence so let me not even begin to start this post with one. Let’s just say, my life has been crazy the past few months. I have wanted to share the ins and outs with you all for a while, but have decided to save this for its own dedicated post. Until then, I really wanted to ensure I do my best to keep up with my fashion and beauty content.

Even as a small blogger (In a rather big pond may I add). I have been able to consistently work with a number of online outlets and I am very grateful for this. Recently, I was contacted by the Liverpool based online women’s fashion store Storm Desire. Straight away I liked what I saw I headed over to the site to see what they had to offer.

Storm Desire sell affordable and on trend clothing and accessories to meet all budgets. I was offered their Valarie White Crochet Co-ord suit to model and I wasted no time in heading out to shoot it. The result, a sexy, figure hugging look; perfect for partying it up!

I love the way the outfit complements my shape and clings to my body in all the right places. The outfit is made up of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastine and comes with a comfortable elastic waist. I ordered a size 12-14 as I am quite shapely at the moment and if you had a backside or bust I would advise that you order this size also.

I had no idea that I would end up on the shop front of the Storm Desire shop and I’m pretty humbled by the opportunity. It’s funny, just a few weeks ago; I contemplated giving up blogging for good. My reason? I love doing it don’t get me wrong but a LOT of effort goes into shooting looks and I was beginning to feel like the cons were far outweighing the pros. After a break, I decided to continue but to take the pressure off and to calm down on shooting if I become overwhelmed in other areas. This also needs a dedicated post as I’m sure many other bloggers can relate.

In the meantime, check me out on the official Storm Desire website and get your hands on this sexy number, while stocks last.


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