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Model Co Shine Ultra Lip Gloss

I do appreciate a freebie, especially one that is so effective! I recently purchased a copy of Glamour Magazine and was pleasantly surprised to find inside a Shine Ultra Lip Gloss by ModelCo. I had seen the brand in a number of cosmetics chains but never really paid much attention to it.  However, you can’t ignore a free gift and I opened it up to see what it was about.


I was left far more than just impressed. This gloss is amazing. It is a reflective and shimmering gloss that in non-sticky! This is one of the most important features of it as I often find that lipglosses leave my lips too sticky which is extremely uncomfortable; particularly in these summer months.




Now in a woman’s make-up bag, an essential to carry a mirror. However, let’s be honest; it’s at those times that your reach for a mirror that you often find you can’t find one.


The ModelCo lipgloss is a handy piece because it comes with a side mirror meaning that you can apply your lip gloss on the move. The truth is, I really didn’t need a new lipgloss since I own about 500! Nevertheless, quality over quantity. The ModelCo Lipgloss is perfect for a small make-up purse because of its slender shape and also has a subtle colour tint.


As advised by the brand, the SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss  can be layered over lipstick to give it more shine. Or it can be worn alone.


I absolutely can’t get enough of it.


Via the ModelCo website, you can purchase yours for £16 HERE or you can do what I did and purchase a copy of this months Glamour to find out for yourself. 


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