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Time For Change

My favourite colour is green. It has been since I was 12 and moved from my previous home to my new house over 18 years ago! (Time does certainly fly) However, the obsession with white walls, white rugs and you guessed it; anything white has well and truly taken over. There is the issue of how to maintain white, will my make up go all over my new white rug, will I become obsessed with dust and fluff? The list is endless.


The plan is to paint my entire room white by my birthday in April, I need a change and as pretty much everything in my personal life is changing; it makes complete sense.


Along with the white means a complete shift- out with the old; in with the new and with that said on a recent shopping trip I picked up a few home-ware pieces that will help to transform my living space.


Inspirational quotes are a major thing for me (you probably may have guessed that from the content of my magazine) and it is imperative that I surround myself with inspirational words once my room has been changed. The below mentioned are so true because sometimes with life’s ups and downs; you sometimes get caught up in the downs and don’t value the lasting memories you are building.


The jewellery box is beautiful and I already have a number of key pieces in mind to put inside it. The best thing is the little hanging mirror with the words “It’s all about me” on the front. Could anything honestly be more fitting? ;0


Further to these little trinkets, I purchased two white rugs which are perfect for blogging from Ikea for £10 each and the rest of the items are from the home ware section in Sainsburys. I honestly can’t wait to share the finished look.


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