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I Just Want To Be Me, Authentically Me

Listen guys, I didn’t want to write a rant post but I’ve decided to write it and let rip because honestly, I’m a little tired of the BS. I’m a straight talker and I’m as honest and as transparent as I can be. I hate to lie to my readers, or put out a persona that is not authentic because to be completely real and upfront with you. Fake seems to be winning out here on these Instagram streets. Yes, you read that right. Being real; for the most part doesn’t get you much engagement, it sure doesn’t get you much likes and its only your most perfectly constructed images and the highlight reel of your life that gets a great reception. If life wasn’t testing enough…

The truth is, with me, what you see is what you get. I’m honest about the entire thing because ultimately I have nothing to really gain from lying. My mum takes my pics, I shoot in the same area for convenience and the fact that I only have a small window of opportunity to shoot looks on a Sunday before I have to head to work on the Monday. I don’t plan my outfits as such and most of the time, map out what I’m wearing while I reason with myself that that extra 5 minutes in bed was necessary. I haven’t been on holiday this year, I’m currently running on empty, sleep deprived and desperate to get on top of my to do list for my brands- both me and Women Who Slay.

I have had to start in business again so as much as I’m proud of my past successes, I by no means see myself as a fully accomplished business woman just yet, I am a beautiful work in progress and everyday I’m getting that more bad-ass and more able than I’ve ever been before.  I am traversing through this thing called life and quite frankly not particularly interested in showing anything else but a true representation of who I AM and the real and relatable journey I am taking.


To be fair, as a result of this, it might that much longer to get the success I want but I’m really not willing to compromise on who I am because although it might not fast-track my path to success, I’m not willing by any means to become someone or something I am not.



I want you to all relate to who I am and know that when you come onto this blog, you are getting a true version of Sasha and I hope you like her as much as I do. 🙂


Outfit details

Top- Storm Desire
Trousers, Jewellery & Belt- Primark
Clutch- New Look
Heels- Ego Official
Shades- Roman Road Market



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    December 1, 2019

    Hi Sasha. I like you alot as well! You’re one of the most intriguing and beautiful woman that I have seen on the internet. Continue to be you and the Lord will take care of the rest! Love always Drew

  • Edward Herath
    December 1, 2019

    Sasha. Your journey is only just beginning. Look at what you’ve already achieved and accomplished, and how much further you surely will go! Be proud and enjoy the journey. There is so much more joy, happiness and love to be discovered ahead. Just keep doing you babe! xxx

    • Sasha Shantel
      December 3, 2019

      You are honestly one of my greatest allies and I a thankful and honoured to know you. The last few weeks have been tough and I’ve been toying with throwing in the towel on everything and just living the quiet life but I can’t! 2020 is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster.