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The Jones Family Project (Shoreditch)

Yes, this foodie has come out of hiding. I’ve become so consumed (no pun intended) with uploading my #MyLookMyWay posts that I haven’t had time to share my recent food escapades. Part to the reason behind this is that I’ve been trying to tone up. The older the get (whether I look it or not) the more I realise that my body has changed in a major way. My shape is more curvy, my trouble areas (thighs and hips) have become that more challenging to keep trim and eating out on a regular basis; does not a toned body make.


Therefore, I’ve been doing my level best to keep all eating out to a minimum. Saying that; this will be one of three reviews I want to share with you smh!


The reason behind eating out on this occasion was all for a good cause. A number of years ago, (9 years to be exact) I won a beauty pageant called Miss Flavour. It was an amazing experience and was really the instigator behind be becoming more confident in myself. During this period, I made a number of friends; some I speak to from time to time; others more regularly. What was positive about this entire experience is that we were all like-minded women, just trying to get ahead.


I really got on well with one woman in particular named Miranda. No we didn’t talk all the time; but over the years we’d use social media; moving from Myspace, to Facebook, to Twitter to Instagram (you get the drift) to catch up and connect the dots.


Miranda inspired me in a major way because she was where I’m still working towards being; self employed and more or less, working for herself as an International DJ amongst other creative things. Recently, I reached out to her for advice and a little guidance and that led to us deciding to meet up and have a good ole chinwag and supper in none other than Shoreditch.


Miranda informed me that she had come across The Jones Family Project by accident. She googled restaurants in Shoreditch and this restaurant came up first so she went with her gut and booked us a table.


Good call Miranda! This place seriously kicked ass! (excuse my French!). From the moment we walked in, the place oozed class and sophistication. Decorated in wood furnishings, lovely plants and an abundance of tea lights and candles. This place made the perfect setting for hours of conversation and laughter.  I would definitely recommend this place to couples too as the private corners and dim lighting gave the place a romantic vibe.





How I love and appreciate exceptional customer service. It was evident that The Jones Family Project knew how to treat their customers. The waitress was attentive to our every need. She took us step by step through the menu and let us know what the starters, main and desserts were. She also gave us her recommendations.


I’m not really a wine drinker (says the woman that has developed an unsightly appreciation of cocktails) but I wanted to have a a glass of wine to celebrate our catching up. We weren’t sure whether to opt for white or red so asked the waitress for recommendations. The white wine she gave us was out of this world. Seriously, I hadn’t drunken anything like it. It left a delightful taste and was sweet but not sickly sweet.




For food I opted for a sirloin steak with creamy mash and seasoned vegetables. Every bit of the meal was divine. A fancy meal calls for fancy words, it was gorgeous. The steak was well done but it didn’t lose an ounce of its flavour. The mash was so creamy and was filled with flavour and the vegetables were steamed to perfection. I can honestly say there was absolutely nothing wrong with this meal. It was amazing.





By the time I had completed my meal I was completely stuffed and pushed aside the dessert menu because I simply couldn’t face it. However, Miranda informed me that I couldn’t have that gorgeous meal and not push myself a little further. So obviously I caved in half way and said I’d have the dessert if we shared it! We chose what should have tasted like a simple chocolate brownie. Because let’s face it; can anyone bake an exceptional brownie? Well apparently The Jones Family Kitchen definitely can. This brownie left a nice after taste. It wasn’t bitter, it wasn’t too chocolatey!. It ticked every single box.



The Jones Family Project have taken time to create a outstanding restaurant which performs to the highest standard. From the decor to the food to the quality of service. There is no doubt that I will be making a return to sample another one of their exceptional meals.


When it came to the price, my meal came up to just over £50. For some this could be a but costly, But when it comes to some well done steak; sometimes you have to be willing to pay a little more.


The evening was a great one. It was fabulous to catch up with Miranda and days later we decided to partner up on a podcast which be exclusively aired on Radar Radio. Who knew this catch up would lead to that! More to come so watch this space!.



Visit The Jones Family Project website HERE



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