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Rodizio Rico

I have cut down on eating out recently simply because eating out makes me sluggish to be quite frank; not bothered. At the moment you’re eating, you feel bloody fantastic. But after, all that processed food can really get to your physically. However, with that being said, I have a vast amount of posts which are pending and I need to clear them from my iphone memory (you know how i-phones are!)


A few weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to attend his friends birthday dinner. (Yes, I know) I have to admit I was a tad bit anxious as I didn’t know anyone and he would be in his element; whereas I would be out of mine. Nonetheless, I went along because he invited me and aimed to make a strong impression.



I also wanted to try out Rodizio Rico, with this particular branch being located in Greenwich O2.  I had heard a vast amount about this Brazilian BBQ so wanted to see if it was as good as I’ve heard.




Well I can tell you straight away that I wasn’t that impressed. I could possibly be one of the most fussiest eaters in the world but I found the meat didn’t have any taste. You can see how juicy it looks in the picture but the taste did not meet my initial expectations.



However, so let me take you through the positives first before I go all negative. The decor and seating areas of Rodizio was nice and was brightly lit. The customer service was also fantastic as the servers were attentive to our every need. How it works in Rodizio is that there is a buffet style table area (you know like the one in Pizza Hut) where they have rice, potatoes, breads, sald and vegetables. You pay one price and then go and get more. However, instead of serving yourself the different meat options, the waiters come round and bring around different meats, this consists of meats including chicken wings, lamb, ribs and pork.


I loved the concept and like the option of diverse meats passing my table and not knowing which ones to take. However, I found most if not all the meats to be quite tasteless. I wanted them to be a little more succulent and hold in the flavour; but it just wasn’t to be.


Although I had the option to add more food to my plate, after my first trip; I found I had had enough. It’s a shame as the vibe was good and the place itself is definitely a place I would recommend if you’re not that fussed about your meat being overly tasty, but if you’re… I’d say stick to a cheeky nandos 🙂 What annoyed me the most was that everything looked so tasty, but I barely could taste a thing! I don’t personally like salt but I was reaching for it just to give my plate a bit more flavour.




P.S- I did mention that I loved the decor and fell in love with this sculpted picture which was situated just in front of where I was sitting…




Visit Rodizio Rico’s website


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