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Lunching at Trinity Wharf Arts Cafe

Are you guys pleased with me? In the midst of working everyday, expanding my fashion blogging, starting a new female empowerment brand and trying to clear my adult acne! (yep I’m fighting with that at the moment too). I’ve also been really trying to show all the key aspects of my life like what I do and where I go when I’m not working. I read a LOT of blogs and will be compiling a list of my current favourites. In many I read, I have seen numerous posts on cafes. Pink cafes in particular are everywhere right now. Particularly in the blogging world. The key reason behind this is of course the fact that they’re aesthetically pleasing with all the pink and floral detailing. For that very reason, I have been quietly researching all the pink cafes in London that I will be heading to over the next few months.

However, on this occasion I really wanted to shed a little light on this cosy cafe based in the borough of Greenwich that I was told about a little while ago by a work colleague. Summer this year was a major blessing and as much as many people complained the heat and wanted Summer to be over. I embraced the heat more than I usually would at work because I had this lovely little cafe to eat in.

Situated in Woolwich and along the riverside, The Trinity Wharf Cafe is a friendly cafe which sells and predominately healthy spread of breakfast and lunch options. There are options to sit inside as well as outside where you have a clear view of passing boats and the sky. I spent every single lunch break there, soaking in the rays and trying out their amazing smoothies, chocolate brownies and healthy salad options.

I also love the decor; a bright and vibrant array of stools and benches surrounded by colourful potted plants and outside decoration. With my frequent visits, I had acquired a major addiction to their superfood green smoothie which includes spinach, avocado, kale, apples, pears and lemon. Drinking this alone took care of my 5 a day and also gave me a major energy boost and honestly helped me get through my working day.


It is one of those settings where everyone is friendly and inviting. The menu is also diverse and includes a selection of food options including sandwiches and healthy fry up options. For a treat, I opted for an absolutely tasty spread which consisted of fried eggs on avocado toast with slices of some of the best salmon I’ve ever eaten. The portion size was ample enough and the price (this cost me around £7 was well worth the amount.)

I absolutely love the vibe of this cafe and the overall service and quality of the food and drink they service. A great added bonus is the flyers and posters that are situated at the bottom of the cafe where you can pick up flyers for the latest events and shows happening in London.

I can see myself commuting back and revisiting this lovely spot even after I leave where I’m working. It creates the perfect setting for working, lunching with friends (which I’ve done now on more than one occasion) or simply just to visit to relax and unwind. In addition the Trinity Wharf Cafe has free Wi-Fi which in these days is an absolute must.


If you’re ever in the borough of Greenwich and want somewhere to eat and chill out, make sure you make a visit to the Trinity Wharf Arts Cafe.

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