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3 Little Birds Ja

It appears that the best way for me to catch up with my girlfriends is normally to go out for a meal. I’m pretty sure you’ve gathered this if you have visited my site before. There’s just something about mixing food with conversation; you could say it’s the best of both worlds.


In this instance I met with the lovely Naomi, friend and designer behind Naylou we had spoken of heading down to 3 Little Birds Ja, which is situated in Brixton. 


I was a little bit apprehensive mainly due to my experience of Caribbean food at Turtle Bay. However, I was determined to say ‘been there, done that’ and being the foodie I am, it was important for me to sample 3 Little Birds Ja and find out what they had to offer.


So was I impressed? Well kind of..I opted for curry goat and rice and peas. Was it as nice as my Grandmothers cooking? I’d be a fool to think it could be. Nonetheless, the meat was very nice and was seasoned to perfection. The rice was ok, nothing amazing but nice enough to consume. I honestly believe it is difficult for Caribbean restaurants to grasp the idea that rice can in fact be seasoned without and I repeat ‘without’ being hot and heavy with the coconut cream!






What I will say was that they were more than generous with their portion of plantain. ( I think they must have been telepathically linked to me as this was a MAJOR FAIL when I went Turtle Bay. They gave me two dead pieces. Return to the Exhibit X to see why I was so vexed!)


The venue was just too tiny for me, there’s intimate and then there is cramped. The line between this was pretty fine. I felt too pressed up on either side to other diners and really didn’t feel comfortable speaking with my friend because I felt like everyone is was in on the conversation.


I was also pretty confused by the layout, the tiny eatery also had a boutique in the corner, which was shrouded away and became an insignificant feature.






The service was also passable, however they took 30 minutes to take our order and when I’m hungry; I’m not particularly nice.


Overall, Three Little Birds Ja was quite an experience, the food was tasty but not the best I’ve had, the service was so so, but the young girl that served us was pleasant enough.


Would I head back? sure…  I’m just a foodie who wants more for their money… I can’t say anymore than that.


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