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#Reflections | Talking Is a Powerful Tool

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The past few days have been explosive to say the least. I sat down with my mother and we literally ran through the past 7 years! What we fleshed out involved a great deal of soul searching and it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. We came to terms with our failures and we recognised …

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#Inspiration | Boosting Your Self-Esteem

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Self-esteem is often seen as a confusing issue. It doesn’t always relate to things such as how popular you are or how you look but more so how you perceive and begin to appreciate yourself for who and what you are.

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#Reflections | A Moment In Time

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I had never become so depressed before, it was a new feeling. Yes, there were days when I didn’t feel positive or upbeat but never had I been so low that I wanted to not eat, leave the house, socialise or undertake the simplest of tasks. June 2015 was when my life was hit with …

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#Reflections | Be Militant In Your Personal Pursuits

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Have you ever felt like you have spent too long trying to accommodate and please other people. I have felt that way for a long time and have found that its hindered my growth and personal development. I think the truth of the matter is; I now know and understand exactly what it is that …

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#Inspiration | 4 Fabulous Ways To Find Your Mojo

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I can’t go into details as to what took the wind from my under my sails over a year ago but when I say it knocked me over; it really knocked me over. There was a period where I just couldn’t get myself to do anything. If I went out to any events; it was …

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#Reflections| The Have and The Havenots – Why You Need to Stay in Your Lane

By Posted on 1 6 m read 192 views

When I mention ‘The Have and Havenots I’m not making reference to the hit show. I’m speaking more on the toxic world that social media can become when you focus on the ‘Explore’ option on Instagram and compare your life to others. It is such a damaging thing and can really knock your confidence.

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