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#Places| Spontaneity at Tate Britain

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I am the first to admit that I am quite a rigid person and I struggle with doing things on a whim. Although, I’m not particularly interested in horoscopes but I can concur that most of the Ariens I know are like me. However, I can proudly say that I have been working on this …

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#Interiors| Sanctuary Renewed

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I am approaching my 31st birthday on Sunday and for me, this is a landmark age. Most people would believe that 30 is the landmark age; the one for the major cause for celebration. However, my 30th year was one filled with mental and physical stress, anxiety and a life changing incident that altered my …

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#Interiors| Time For Change

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My favourite colour is green. It has been since I was 12 and moved from my previous home to my new house over 18 years ago! (Time does certainly fly) However, the obsession with white walls, white rugs and you guessed it; anything white has well and truly taken over. There is the issue of …

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