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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Throw In The Towel

By Posted on 6 5 m read 261 views

Well guys, this week; no scrap that, the past few months have been a little topsy turvy. I’ve had every issue that could happen, happen and as much as I’ve dealt with everything with as much decorum and with a high level of pride, it’s not been easy. We’re told that God gives his biggest …

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#MyLookMyWay | The Glow Up & Why I Won’t Edit My Images

By Posted on 2 2 m read 215 views

I can’t deny it, I love a mustard yellow on my skin tone. It’s so complimentary and makes me feel AMAZING! What I love most about this look is how much my skin is glowing!

I actually take great pleasure in not editing my images. I often trail through my favourite bloggers images …

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#MyLookMyWay | 3 Reasons Why I Shop In Independent Boutiques & Why You Should Too

By Posted on 0 3 m read 211 views

I am determined to spread my love of affordable EVERYTHING to as many people as possible. Considering Adam  Eve came onto this Earth stark naked and were not concerned with worldly things. I don’t feel I should be either. (Yes, an odd example but it makes sense right?)

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#MyLookMyWay | Feeling The Chill

By Posted on 0 2 m read 433 views

2017 was a mad year for me. There were many downs but more vitally there were many Ups. I was able to achieve a great deal in the face of adversity and somehow, I came out on top. I’ve battled issues with my skin, my sleep and energy levels; being harassed online, dealing with work, …

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#MyLookMyWay | The £5 Outfit That Turned Heads

By Posted on 0 3 m read 449 views

I’m so happy that I’ve found my blogging and editing flow and I’ve been doing pretty well in keeping my magazine and my personal blog updated! I really wanted to ensure I broke down the outfit I wore to the C-Hub Magazine Awards as it got a LOT of attention. As you must …

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#MyLookMyWay | Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

By Posted on 0 2 m read 450 views

It’s currently bloody freezing in London Town and the last few times I have ventured out into the big wide world (aka 5 minutes away from my house) to shoot my looks, I have had to combat the cold to get the best images for my blog. The thing is, as an emerging and growing …

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