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#MyMusicMyMood | The 5 Tracks That Renewed My Spirit in 2016

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Perhaps not your most conventional blog title; particularly at this time of year; since it’s Christmas and all. But, my main objective as I move into 2017 is to write about and share the things that are important to me and music is a vital part of my life. I have neglected the #MyMusicMyMood …

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#MyMusicMyMood| Soul For Real: Every Little Thing I Do

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Back in 1994, I was 9. Yet it seems this was the year when some of the best songs of the 90’s came into being. I remember son after on my 10th birthday my then friend Angelina gave me their Album to play at my birthday party. We scratched the disc that day; I guess …

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#MyMusicMyMood| Sting: Englishman In New York

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I listen to music everyday.. It gets me through the worst and lifts me even higher at my best. What I love about my individual taste is that it is so ecclectic. There honestly isn’t a music genre in existence that I don’t appreciate in one way or another.

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#MyMusicMyMood| Destiny’s Child: Nuclear

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Today’s my emotions have been up and down like a flaming roller-coaster; blaming that time of the month for making me into an unstable creature! Yet, as always, wise words from my No 1 (my mum) and a few quality jams have undoubtedly helped to get my mood where I need it to be.

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#MyMusicMyMood| Years & Years “King”

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It’s been a while since I have posted a video in this section. The main reason is because items in personal life have pre-occupied my time and music hasn’t been much of a saviour. ย However, of late I have been slowly moving back towards my first love and music has always been the one thing …

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#Reviews| Usher URX Tour @ O2 Arena

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When I was younger I was in love with Usher. No, really I was and I know exactly when it happened. I was watching Top of The Pops and he ripped his shirt off while dance to ‘You Make Me Wanna’ I was hooked and the love affair continued for a long time after that. …

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