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#Beauty | The £1 Shampoo & Conditioner That’s Restoring My Hair!

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Who knows how I’m writing this after the past few weeks I’ve had and it’s not over yet. In fact, there is still a measure of uncertainty to come and in good time I will be sharing the major decision I had to make recently. I am working on a new venture and also spending …

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#Beauty | 2 Cheap and Cheerful Perfume Must Haves

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Hey guys, I’m back with a new post and boy has it been hard to draft it. Life and all its happenings have well and truly got me and if I be completely honest, one thing after another has stripped away my passion for writing, blogging and creating in general. I know, it happens to …

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#Beauty | The £2 Primer That You Need To Get Your Hands On!

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Hey my lovelies, I’ve been spending a little time really organising this site so I can be completely clear what I have it for. Yes I love writing; but I have IN-SPIRE for that and that site really allows me to let my creative juices flow in every direction. However, I wanted to …

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#Beauty | Skin Breakouts? No Problem! My Review of Anita Grant Products

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Firstly, I’d like to wish you all a Happy New Year. I can’t believe we’re already 16 days into the year. I am the first to admit that I’ve kind of moved into 2018 is slow motion. I’ve been struggling with low energy and fatigue and have an increased appetite of late which has only …

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#Beauty | 2 Of The Best Toners For Spot Prone Skin

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I’ve never pretended otherwise, I have spot prone skin and it’s a MAJOR struggle! I admit it isn’t completely all bad because with the increased production of oil means that my skin is less prone to getting wrinkled. Though, saying that; I would rather normal skin any day.

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#Beauty | #GlamourBeautyClub ‘Chanel Gabrielle Review’

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Being a Writer and Editor means I ALWAYS keep my eyes peeled for the next big opportunity. So you can imagine my surprise when glancing through Glamour magazine, I came across their beauty reviewer program the #GlamourBeautyClub.

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