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Branding Is Everything With Auraprint Impakt Business Cards

I am very particular about my work. I may not have thousands of followers compared with other bloggers/writers (some have over 450k, one day hopefully :))  but I take what I do very seriously. First impressions are everything and it honestly doesn’t matter how exceptional the content might be, if the site doesn’t load or there are errors with the page; if the images are pixelated or are not sized correctly; in my opinion it gives a poor impression.


This is why; when it came to my magazine and my personal blog, everything had to be as professional and to the best possible standard. Saying that, when it comes to representing yourself in the public domain, particularly when going to events and networking with others, it is essential that you come prepared with business cards.


Most people tend to go to companies such as Vistaprint that provide you with cards that are quite expensive and quite frankly; look and feel like all the others on the market. But, what happens when you want to stand out and present something different.


This was very much the case when I was chosen to collaborate with Auraprint; a reputable printing company based in Huddersfield, UK. Already having built up an impressive rapport of offering their customers, high quality printing services; the company recently created and launched Impakt- a fantastic range of high quality, heavy weight printing cards, which are available in a choice of 16 coloured cores or backs.


I was given the option and the design stages to choose the colours that I wanted to have for the front and back. I wanted to ensure that the branding was consistent and opted to keep the card black and white; with my name (logo) emblazoned along the front. I was the asked to provide my logo if I wanted and to choose the words I wanted to have on the card.


Throughout this stage, I was kept completely in the loop with the entire process and within days of submitting my colour choices and initial design, I was sent a copy of the final design to review before it was submitted for printing.


I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting anything particularly impressive; after all, it’s just business cards! However, I was pleasantly surprised by what I received.


Firstly, the presentation of the cards were exceptional. They came in a large cardboard box; which was filled to the brim with pretty pink coloured tissue papers. These Luxury Business Cards were separated into three plastic card holders and and placed inside. They looked like a Valentine’s gift and really left me impressed.








The cards themselves were everything the company said they would be. Strong, bold and professional. The ink on the cards and overall print quality was outstanding.




I particularly liked the subtle features on the cards including the individual social media icons for my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.








Auraprint and their top quality business cards far exceeded my expectations. They compliment my overall brand signature and are the perfect finishing touch needed for when I attend events and functions and want to share my details.


You only need to review their website to read the top quality reviews from other happy consumers who have been completely satisfied with their work.


The Impakt Coloured Core 800 GSM business cards start at £35.00 which is affordable and is a reasonable amount to pay if you take yourself and your work seriously.


An added bonus about purchasing business cards from Auraprint is that you can earn aurapoints when recommending others about their services; meaning you can save money on your sent order.


To say I am happy with my cards is a mere understatement. I have had a wide range of business cards from a number of companies over the years, however none have left me as impressed as the ones I have received from Auraprint.




Thanks guys for working with collaborating with me and providing me with second to none business cards that truly convey the organisation of my brand.




 *This collaborative post is based 100% on my honest opinions of the brand and their business cards. I received no monetary reward for sharing opinions on*



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  • Steve
    July 10, 2018

    Brilliant branding Sasha

    As the pelethora of products and services seeking market exposure on social media explodes
    you have a sure fire strategy for getting your message across to your prospects with pin point precision!!

    • Sasha Shantel
      July 11, 2018

      Thanks Steve, I actually need to make new ones but getting these done did help me with developing my personal brand and are completely necessary for any creative.