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So let’s just say, a...

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Details are everything. I can’t...

#TheRealness | Be Militant In Your Personal Pursuits

Have you ever felt like you have spent too long trying to accommodate and please other people. I have felt that way for a long time and have found that its hindered my growth and personal development. I think the truth of the matter is; I now know and understand exactly what it is that I want in my life and I’m also fully aware of what I don’t want and won’t tolerate.

I want a lot and I repeat, I want a lot of things to change and I’m adamant that now i’m in 2017 I will make these changes happen because I won’t be taking my eye off the prize any longer. Let’s face it, I may look young and age is indeed nothing but a number. However, there was a time when I was the youngest person in the room and that ship has now sailed. Far, far away. It’s since I sat down over New Years and realised that I really wanted to make In-spire a success, I really wanted to travel more, I really wanted to save more, I really wanted to grow my blog and I really wanted to launch my YouTube and stick with it, I really want to look sexier than I have ever looked and be more toned than I have ever been because damn it, I want it for myself. And the truth is, I won’t be able to manage all these things and keep all these balls in the air and make all my dreams come true if I don’t put my focus and I mean my full 110% (because 100% isn’t enough on myself)

It’s not because I’m selfish. Yes, I have very much had selfish spells, where I have forgotten to appreciate what I have had and have let things and people that were important to me slip through my fingers because my mind wasn’t right. However, I’m better now, more focused now and more determined than ever to bring to light the things I have always wanted for myself.

I only have one life, one shot and no do overs so I really need to get my shit in gear and really catapult myself at it because if I don’t who will?

I refuse to give anyone my head space who is not helping my life. I keep on saying this but the past two years have been an absolutely roller coaster for me. Lot’s of it has been my own doing and I respect and now acknowledge that.  However, instead of my being able to focus entirely on putting my life back together, I spent one occasion after another helping people out of their ruts.

As much as I have always thrived on helping others (this is something that will not change). There must come a time when you become selfish (enough) and focused enough on yourself, being clear and I mean completely clear on what you want and setting goals as to how you will make this happen.

I’ve been spending the past few weeks making comprehensive lists of what I want to happen with my blogging, my social media networks, my blogzine, my health, my beauty and my finances.

There is nothing wrong with doing what you want and doing it the way you want. I have high expectations for my life and myself and as much as I am finally getting in the habit of celebrating my successes, I still don’t feel I have reached my true potential because I have invested energy into negative people, negative circumstances and negative environments.

Anyone who has achieved anything amazing within their own lives had to first take the initiative and make the decision to walk their own path and do things they wanted. They had to make their own mistakes and become wise enough to learn from them. They had to become that more selfish and that more regimental with their time because if they were anything like me; they never had much of it (well never knew how best to utilise it to their advantage)  and struggled to get all of their goals and objectives completed.

There is SO much I plan to do this year and I have committed myself to ticking them off one by one. I will be sharing SOME of my goals for 2017 in a separate blog post but I will endeavor to keep a major chunk of them private.

If you have something you really want to make happen over the next few months, be clear in your objectives, write them down, damn it type them out and stick them somewhere you can see them. Allow nothing or no one to stand in the way of the steps you have listed to achieve them. Be militant in the pursuit. Leave negative thinking and mindsets behind and push egos aside. Focus as much as possibly possible on yourself and SMASH the hell out of 2017.


Until my next post…. x


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