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The Fantastic 4: My Favourite Scents

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while as I absolutely love perfumes. Saying that, I have to admit; I am a perfume lover who much prefers others to buy her perfume for her since let’s be honest… the best perfumes are not cheap are they!

From day to night, I have four perfumes I am absolutely in love with and wear religiously.


This perfume is EVERYTHING and nothing since its creation can touch it. Chanel No5 is a perfect feminine scent made up of floral undertones. It smells so clean and is one of those rare perfumes that you don’t need to spray your entire outfit with to have a lasting effect. Chanel No5 can be applied to your pulse points alone (the centre of your neck, your inner wrists, and back of the ears) and last all day through to night without the need of having to reapply. It wins every time.


Beyonce is one of the hundreds of entertainment stars who have launched their own perfumes and to be honest; I haven’t been that much impressed by other perfumes from stars including: Christina Aguilera, Sarah Jessica Parker and Justin Bieber! Though, I have always loved Beyonce’s Heat. It has a sweet, sensual smell and lingers for hours. Although, not as powerful as Chanel No5 in terms of its staying power. It has a nice blend of magnolia and peach and smells good enough to eat. I also love the red bottle which is always a major selling feature.


New Look’s Pure Devotion Perfume is my cheap and cheerful go to scent and only set me back £7.99. It happened to get my attention after a moment of retail indulgence in my Lunch break and having sprayed it on my top; I found it lasted for hours. It’s a perfect day time scent as it’s not too overpowering yet, still manages to last a considerable amount of time. I think the bottle looks so expensive but is a perfect case of looks being well and truly deceiving.


If you are looking for an affordable yet lasting scent Ghost’s Deep Night is top of my recommendations. This perfume is gorgeous and lasts for hours. It’s perfect for both the day and night and doesn’t to to be applied continuously. It is currently my go to perfume of choice and is laying in my handbag as I type.


In my opinion, no collection is complete without having tried these first so make sure you get your samples in; if you haven’t had any of these already. The Perfume Shop can give you samples on request and believe me, you won’t be disappointed.


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