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My Makeup Essentials

It’s been a long while since I posted a beauty related post and I also mentioned a number of posts back that I wanted to blog more and grow this site before venturing into making videos (properly) as I am never quite satisfied with the finished product. Therefore, writing on things that I am really interested and being consistent in that is my main focus.

With that said, this post just had to be written and shared as I have finally tracked down makeup products that I can trust, are reliable and more vitally are affordable.


Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana

Where can I start with this powder. It honestly is exceptional and has proven to be an absolute godsend for me as I have increasingly oily skin and when wearing foundation, I have often found that it simply slips off my face within hours because of the oil. However, this powder keeps everything set and gives my face a clean and finished look. It has also not caused any breakouts (which powder has often done to me in the past) and stays put for the entire day. It also doesn’t have any strong fragrance so further reduces the risk of outbreaks to oily skin. This translucent powder has also been a blessing for the dark circles under my eyes and neutralises them, meaning my eyes look more brightened and less tired. I was lucky enough to receive mine from a glowwbox beauty edition however, this wonder product is available from a wide array of outlets online and prices range from as little a £3.99 on Amazon and Ebay.





L.A Girl Pro Concealers in Chestnut & Beautiful Bronze 


I honestly thank God for the day I found these beauty products. I struggle with anemia and due to this I have to make a major conscious effort to cover the dark circles under my eye. Making changes to my diet has significantly helped. However, on those periods where I slack I can definitely turn to my trusted concealers from L.A Girl. They are so cheap and cheerful but they cover my bags and dark circles effortlessly. They are not too oily and are long wearing and crease-resistant. I have found that the shades Beautiful Bronze and Chestnut work the best. However, the great about this brand is they have a wide array of shades to choose from to compliment diverse skin tones. Did I also tell you my favourite part is the price £3.49 each. This product is EVERYTHING! I purchase mine from local afro hair shops but you can also purchase them online very afford ably too.




Primark Beauty Blender


I never quite imagined that I could possibly love a beauty product as much as I love this one but I honestly do! What was I before I discovered the beauty blender. The one pictured is slightly different to the one from the header image but I own this one too and you honestly can’t go wrong. It’s £1! and I’ve had it for quite a while and it hasn’t split or ripped. Now I’m not an expert at applying make-up nor do I pretend to be but I have found this is a perfect make-up tool when slightly damp and dabbed under the eye when applying my Ben Nye Banana Powder. You honestly can’t go wrong with this cheap and cheerful beauty essential.




Real Techniques Foundation Brush


There was a time when I would apply my foundation on with a damp face sponge. This did work well but I found I lost most of the product on the sponge. Having watched tons of YouTubers sharing their knowledge on the best beauty tools to use to apply make-up, I found that using a high quality brush would work wonders and this one by Real Techniques is fantastic. The bristles are extra soft and an interesting fact is that Real Technique brushes are 100% cruelty free. I contain my brush is a cute perspex holder I purchased from Primark recently (look out for my room and decor tour coming soon), however the brush is self-standing and has an extended aluminium handle which is easy to use.  (look out for my room and decor tour coming soon) I got my brush for £9.99 from Superdrugs.





Maybelline New York Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in Golden Caramel


My first foundation love was Black Opal. I don’t think you know just how much I loved that make-up. It matched my skin tone to a tee but boy did it run, like completely off my face. It was cheap and didn’t flare my skin up. However, it just couldn’t give me the flawless look I needed.  Fast forward a few months and my skin cannot get enough of this fabulous foundation. The way it glides across my skin is effortless. It’s fragrance is not too strong and it stays put once applied. I purchased my foundation from Boots in Charlton, London which was pretty surprising to me because I wasn’t expecting to find makeup to fit my complexion. Affordability is of course my favourite word so of course I was pretty pleased that a bottle only set me back £10.






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