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If you are conscious about your body and pay attention to the ingredients in the products you use then you will value this post. In my day to day career as an Employment Development & Training Manager I run workshops on a wide array of employment based subjects. However, recently I have been delivering a series of courses; focused on the personal development of those I work with.

My most recent course was on Personal Presentation, with the majority of the course focused on Personal Hygiene. What was alarming for me was how many individuals on the course who didn’t realise that you should wash in the morning and at night, that you should wash your teeth not once but twice a day (after all, how could once a day even possibly be enough?) and more vitally that when you do wash you shouldn’t and I repeat shouldn’t use harsh antiperspirants.


Antiperspirants are cancer causing and contain strong man-made chemicals. Although, extremely effective in blocking sweat glands and stopping sweat from developing . At night, it is much better for your body if you neglect the use of anti-antiperspirant sprays and roll-ons altogether.


However, what if you are like me and sweat quite a lot. As much as it shouldn’t matter; as you are sleeping after all.If there are occasions that you lie down next to someone, yet want to smell fresh under the arms yet don’t want to put your body through intense strain I highly recommend this roll on.’s Tea Tree Deodorant is a fresh, antibacterial roll-on which is aluminium free, paraben free, 100% natural which means that it is made with completely natural ingredients. It is also SLS free and alcohol free. Tea Tree is widely recognised for its medicinal properties.


I have used this product for over 6 months and highly recommend it as it’s both safe and effective, keeps you dry but doesn’t block your pores.


This deodorant may not be considered affordable by some as it is £5.79. However, considering what ingredients it contains and the sheer fact that it contains Tea Tree, this product is without a doubt a #beautyessential.


The Tea Tree Deodorant is stocked in Holland & Barratts (Nationwide-UK)


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