Beauty Pro Rejuvenating Collagen Mask (Review)

Beauty Pro Rejuvenating Collagen Mask (Review)

I hate to say it and I wish I didn’t have to but my skin is playing games with me again. I honestly feel like I’m a teenager again and although I don’t have full blown acne. I can’t deny that with everything that has been happening, this doesn’t really help my overall mood. Nonetheless, I’m always looking at new ways to restore calm so revisited a face mask I had used previously, which left my face feeling amazing and helped take away the stinging and soreness that the bumps were causing.

I have oily skin and as much as it’s a blessing when it comes to aging, with regard to breakouts and you makeup running away from your face; this unfortunately is an everyday occurrence. Although, for some skin types it is recommended that you use a face scrub a number of times a week. I find they make my skin increasingly worse. So I only tend to use them once a week. After applying the facial scrub, I then proceed to calm the area down by using a face mask specifically for spot prone skin.

Generally mud masks have worked the best for me as they extract all of the dirt and impurities from my face pretty well and with a few dabs of tea tree on the infected areas, within a few days, the spots are dead! However, on this occasion I opted for a light weight sheet mask from Beauty Pro

This mask is amazing and left my skin feeling softer, more radiant and helped eased the painful spots! Made with green tea extract, the Beauty Pro collagen mask is  suitable for all skin types but is

The mask is dripping with moisture and seeps into the skin. When applied, it feels cold, similar to if you wash your face with cold water. I found that almost instantly the agitation of my skin calmed down immensely and the oiliness of my skin was reduced. It’s particularly great for oily skin because it rebalances oily t-zones whilst working to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It is also notably free of mineral oils, lanolin, petroleum and parabens.



It is recommended that you have the mask on for 15 minutes and while it was on, I started a spot of reading. Just to add, I will be adding a books I love section on my blog as I work on sharing more of passions on it so watch this space!

There was a noticeable difference in my skin after and the next day, I still felt a significant difference in how my skin felt after. I absolutely love this mask and highly recommend it if you have   skin like mine is playing up and causing you discomfort.


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