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2 Cheap and Cheerful Perfume Must Haves

Hey guys, I’m back with a new post and boy has it been hard to draft it. Life and all its happenings have well and truly got me and if I be completely honest, one thing after another has stripped away my passion for writing, blogging and creating in general. I know, it happens to the best of us but I really hate feeling like this and am eager to do everything possible to work through it.

I’ve been compiling to do lists for every area of my life, my business, studying, relationships, health etc and although they’ve been quite overwhelming (as I have so many things to achieve that I haven’t yet completed) I also find lists do me the world of good as they give me hope and direction and fuel an optimism that I will overcome and achieve once again; everyday is an opportunity to start working towards achieving a new goal and dreaming a new dream.

I’ve started to really think more in detail about what I want to share on this blog and it’s very clear to me that I absolutely love affordable fashion and beauty. Yes, sometimes there are some instances where you have to invest in what you use on your body. However, sometimes; if you shop around, you can really find some amazing gems that not only make you feel, look or smell better but also isn’t going to cause you any unnecessary stress on your pocket.

My current faves in the beauty department are the amazing scents Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears and PS…Love Pink Intense.

I’m sure I’m not the only one but I hardly buy perfume and tend to wait till Christmas or birthdays to see what I’m given and I normally comes out on top with what I’m given.

Last Christmas I received both perfumes and I instantly fell in love with them. Both perfumes smell amazing and are affordable. I use one in the day; it’s perfect for going to work and undertaking day to day activities and I use the other at night.  As a woman, it’s important that we find our own signature scent and I’m thrilled that I have found mine.

For the day…

Primark have been delivering for the longest time now and their beauty section just gets better and better. PS… Love is a scent with sweet undertones. It is quite strong and when sprayed on your pulse points, lasts for hours. I tend to spray this perfume all over as I love how my clothes smell when I use it and as the day goes on, the fragrance grows stronger and stronger. PS…Love is also affordable at at only £4, this scent is the perfect choice if you want a perfume that is small, effective and cheap!

For the evening

I wasn’t ever that impressed by Britney Spears perfume when it first it entered onto the market however, with the launch of Midnight, it appears that the scent was reviewed and improved as this perfume is amazing. I only need to spray a few times onto my clothing and my pulse points and I don’t need to apply anymore. Midnight is made up of the following:

Top notes
Framboise, Black Cherry, Plum

Heart notes

Night Orchid, Freesia, Iris

Base notes

Amber, Musk, Vanilla


You can get your hands on a 100ml bottle for £24.99 however, I recently saw a bottle of Midnight on sale and B&M Bargains for only £12.99 so it’s best that you shop around.

I absolutely love both scents and will be topping up on both once they finish. What are your signature scents and are you like me when it comes to being thrifty.


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