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#Beauty | 2 Of The Best Toners For Spot Prone Skin

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I’ve never pretended otherwise, I have spot prone skin and it’s a MAJOR struggle! I admit it isn’t completely all bad because with the increased production of oil means that my skin is less prone to getting wrinkled. Though, saying that; I would rather normal skin any day.

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#MyLookMyWay | Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

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It’s currently bloody freezing in London Town and the last few times I have ventured out into the big wide world (aka 5 minutes away from my house) to shoot my looks, I have had to combat the cold to get the best images for my blog. The thing is, as an emerging and growing blogger I have to admit; as much as my room is much more ‘blogger friendly’ than it used to be (my room was green before and as you can imagine, was not particularly fitting for the perfect and clean background you’re supposed to present) it still doesn’t allow me to shoot my outfit posts in the way that I desire. So come rain or shine, snow or sleet I have to take up my opportunities when I get them to head outside and snap my garments.

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#MyLookMyWay | Breaking Conventions In White and Perspex

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I have had a rollercoaster and emotional few days to say the least. I can proudly say that my team and I won ‘Online Magazine of the Year’ at the 2017, C-Hub awards (look out for a special #MyLookMyWay post on that.) I also took home the prize for ‘Best Editor’, which is a major achievement for me. I have worked on In-spire LS for 7 years and I write because I’m passionate about it, however it is always great to receive recognition.

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#MyLookMyWay | My Denim Obsession

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Okay, it’s official.ย  This site is fast becoming fashion obsessed. Trust me I have two food posts coming and a few music ones that are bubbling under the surface. But, my love for buying affordable clothing and putting together some trendsetting looks is becoming quite a thing for me and to be honest; they’re proving to be quite popular in terms of bringing traffic to my site. So you know what they say; if it ain’t broke; don’t even bother try fixing it. (Ok, I kinda added my own twist to the thing but you can see where this is going…!:

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#MyLookMyWay | If Not Now, When?

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I’m feeling pretty impatient at the moment. Feeling a little tired and over exerted. Feeling tired of helping people who should by now be able to help them self. I’m always the fixer, the one to lend an ear when ‘they’ have problems but after a while, like anything that can and does become exhausting.

I want to be in my own headspace from now on. I want to be able to cut off and give my FULL attention to myself. While I am still able to because I don’t have children (yet) so I need to take this time to REALLY go for it.

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