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#MyLookMyWay | Why I’ll Never Fit The Blogger Mould and Why I’m A’ OK With It!

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I have been blogging since 2007! (Yes, that long and I’m perhaps beginning to show my age!) my only regret since starting, then stopping, then starting, then stopping again is the fact that if I was more consistent with it; I’d probably be more further ahead with it. However, if the truth be told, I have; over the years fallen in and out of blogging for numerous reasons. The number one reason however has to be how contrived the blogging world can be and how flipping annoying it can be to FIT in this perfectly formed world of flat lays and photo shopped pics. The truth is, I just can’t do it! I can’t write 3-5 posts a week and schedule their release at set times of the day.

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#Beauty | #GlamourBeautyClub ‘Chanel Gabrielle Review’

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Being a Writer and Editor means I ALWAYSΒ keep my eyes peeled for the next big opportunity. So you can imagine my surprise when glancing through Glamour magazine, I came across their beauty reviewer program the #GlamourBeautyClub.

This amazing opportunity is FREE to join and allows all us beauty obsessive bloggers the opportunity to review some of the latest beauty products; whether it be makeup, scents or creams.

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#MyLookMyWay | Glow Up

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Is it wrong to suggest that I’m getting better with age. When I was in my 20’s I was convinced that by the time I hit my 30’s people would be looking at me and thinking ‘she’s had her best days1 lol!! Perhaps this is because I’ve heard that once you turn 30 it’s downhill all the way.

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#MyLookMyWay | Authentically Me…

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I’m one of the most positive people I know; in fact I promote it as part of my brand. However, what is the most beautiful part of my character is the fact that I’m transparent. I’m real and when I’m angry or disappointed or just fed up, I let it be known because I respect authenticity. I want to be open as a person so people can relate to me and realise that I’m not promoting a fake life. Everything I share on my socials, everything I put on my sites, everything that I say is true and authentically me.

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#MyLookMyWay | Hello Autumn! Goodbye Summer!

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It’s Autumn and I’m slyly happy about it. I don’t know, there’s just something very refreshing about the leaves falling off the trees and getting prepared to start a new. You could say it’s metaphorical for me as I feel that as I move into Autumn I am also in a transitional period, both mentally and physically. I’ve limited my time online (apart from to promote my projects or for work) and have spent time re-organising my wardrobe, reviewing my goals and just spending time with myself.

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