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And The Award For The Worst Blogger Goes To…. ME! (Life Update)!

It’s shit. Nothing else can be said. I’m the most blatant and transparent person you will ever meet and I am more than able to call myself out. I haven’t been inspired to blog or to write anything for a very long time. I don’t like writing without reason and for a long while I was just spending time, living.

When I stopped blogging, I hadn’t preempted that the world would descend into chaos with the Covid 19 outbreak. But, as it has happened and we are now being encouraged to practice social distancing and remain in our homes. I finally felt compelled to revisit my safe space and just type.

So what has been happening?

Going back to my roots….

Well for starters, I’ve gone back to focusing on my thoughts and reflections on this blog. Sharing insightful posts have always been what I have primarily blogged about. But while I was allowing myself to be led astray; creating content that was not authentic and true to me. I was not writing content that truly reflected who I was and this all ties back to why I deleted my last Instagram account  and decided to start again.

Do I regret it yet?

No actually. And something within me wishes I had done it sooner. I no longer feel an intense pressure to post at certain times of the day, nor do I feel compelled to post every day either. I’m comfortable and moving to the beat of my own drum and loving every single minute of it.

I launched my life coaching services through Women Who Slay

This was well overdue but I’m so thrilled that I jumped into the deep end and just did it. I have clients too and am steadily getting the word out about what I do. I’m also still studying other areas of coaching to expand on what I do and feel pretty chuffed if I do say so myself. I offer coaching sessions via SKYPE also, so do get in touch if you think hiring a life coach would prove to be beneficial to you.

I launched my food page @thefoodie_files

Now this was a long time coming! If you know me, you will know that I absolutely love my food. In fact, I am in love with food pictures and finally got started and so far so good. I’ve got so much planned for this page and although, things have had to pause due to the worlds current circumstances. This period has really allowed me to re-centre and connect with myself and to really put my efforts into things I genuinely enjoy and have a passion for.

I launched a Music inspo page too! @Musicizlife

Without music I would be completely lost. I have turned to music to help get me through some very challenging periods. Periods that I will be sharing more on over the next few months on I could talk about music all day, so for that reason, I created this page to share inspirational songs that have motivated and inspired me. I’ve also combined this with powerful and insightful music based quotes and facts. I only started this page two weeks ago, but already I’m starting to explore all the diverse avenues it can take. For the first time in a long time, I’m finally doing everything I want to do and am no longer looking for validation outside myself.

I started a new job…

To be honest. It wasn’t easy starting again. Leaving my magazine behind and embarking on pastures new was a very challenging thing for me to do, especially as I had began to make money from it. Nonetheless, I have learned that in order to move forward and make progressive steps, you need to sometimes detour and try something new. Career development is an arena that I have played within for over a decade and I was pretty chuffed with myself in getting this role, right out of leaving another. My experiences in the world of work have equipped me with the necessary skills to really coach others and offer diverse career development services and I’m going to use this period of lock-down to develop these services.

I really want to become better at blogging and I want to thank each and everyone of you who have visited my blog, even when I have neglected it. I’m committed to coming on here at least 3 x a week and will be focusing on the areas of personal development, life stories and personal reflections, food reviews and music/entertainment posts. Fashion and beauty will appear from time to time but right now, sharing content that truly resonates with me is the motive.

I know that right now, we are living in a time of uncertainty and everyone (including myself) had high hopes for 2020. But, it’s not over yet. We can still use this time to self reflect, practice self care and really connect with ourselves. Use this time to take complete stock of yourself and your direction. More vitally be safe and put yours and the well being of those closest to you at the forefront.

Jeans – Fredafunk
Trainers- Everything 5 Pounds
Belt- Primark
Shades- Roman Road, London


I’ll see you in the next post x


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1 Comment
  • Andrew Jackson
    March 23, 2020

    Hi Sasha. Glad to hear that you’re doing well! Great article! We have to remember that Our Heavenly Father is still in control and this is still the year of increase! Love Drew xoxo