About Sasha Shantel

Hi guys, welcome to my online space on the web!

I am Sasha Shantel a certified Transformation and Mindset Coach. (You can access all of my services on womenwhoslay.co.uk)

I also have a passion for blogging and though I admitedly have been slacking on here, I have returned with a newfound motivation and I’m ready to share more of my life and interests with you.

So here’s a warm welcome to Sashashantel.com my online safe space where I share my insights on personal style and mainstream fashion, beauty reviews, food, travel,entertainment, and all the fun aspects of living a positive life. Thank you very much for stopping by and for being apart of my blogging journey.

Further to sashashantel.com, I also blog on my newly launched women’s wellness, style and beauty blog slaybabe.co.uk