About Sasha Shantel


Hi guys, I have been gone for a while and there is no real reason for it than the fact that I felt uninspired and I didn’t feel my content was being read or received. But guess what time gives you? Clarity. I love blogging and love sharing my favourite things with you. For too long I was caught up on what other people were sharing when my focus should have been on writing about the things that are important to me.


Welcome to Sashashantel.com my online safe space where I share my insights on personal style and mainstream fashion, beauty reviews, food, travel,entertainment, and all the fun aspects of living a positive life. Thank you very much for stopping by and for being apart of my blogging journey. The aim is to blog three times a week as of October 2019 and to throw myself back into one of my first loves. Wish me luck 🙂

Further to sashashantel.com, keep up with my female empowerment brand womenwhoslay.co.uk