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About SashaShantel.com

Welcome to SashaShantel.com 🙂 This is my space where I share all my favourite things; Style, Food, Beauty, Inspiration + more. Thank you for visiting and scroll down to read more about moi. There’s lots more to come with this blog so watch this space! x


The Low Down

Sasha Shantel is a #Creative. She is an avid writer and is the Editor and co-founder of the 3 x award winning women’s online magazine In-spire LS Magazine. Sasha is a BA English Literature and Dramatic Arts Graduate from the University of Greenwich and has experience in both editing, videography and photography. She has interviewed some of the biggest talents from the world of business and entertainment on her online magazine In-spireLS and on her radio show ‘The VIP Room‘ on Colourful Radio which aired Friday’s  7pm-10pm for 16 months. Listen to her work HERE

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Sasha Shantel has been writing inspirational content via her 3 x award winning magazine In-spire LS for 6 years and is now ready to take things to a new level. Working in collaboration with her co-editor Syianne Raemond they are working on developing a series of books, workshops and seminars to continue pushing their message of sharing positivity and uplifting the lives of women and men everywhere. Keep an eye on In-spire LS for updates. Sasha Shantel will also be returning back to her inspirational column Editor’s Words, Thoughts and Reflections to provide positive insights and inspirational articles written to empower, encourage and inspire her readers.


Aside from working on the development of her inspirational jewellery/accessory brand Shop In-spire   Sasha Shantel will also be expanding this amazing blog. 


More recently, Sasha Shantel teamed up with old friend Miranda Loy to work on their no nonsense, unedited, podcast ‘Strictly UnCenSored’ Listen  HERE


To collaborate or contact Sasha with any other enquiries email Sasha@SashaShantel.com






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